Akshar Diode Pro

Laser Marking Machinery for Bearing, Piston, Nozzle, Valve, Fiber, switches, cabels, Awards,ID card, autobile, toolings, gift articles and surgical instruments

Technical Spec

Laser Lamp Pumped Nd:YAG Laser
Laser Power 75 W
Marking Area (Optional) Ø 100/150/220 mm
Z Axis Movement Motorized


Suitable table for housing large components  Rigid structure of this machine is designed in a way to withstand heavy automobile and engine    components.
 Being an industrial machine accommodating various critical components with varying sizes, the focal point    of Lasers can be precisely adjusted with the Motorized Actuator.
Trace free Quality  Diode lasers are the best suited solutions to mark on Day night switches and other components which    require clean and permanent marking on the component.
 Diode lasers could offer the best marking quality under those Components requiring high precision at 30X    zoom.
Versatile marking  The machine comes with options of marking serial number, Alpha numeric, Global fonts, 1D & 2D Barcode    marking, Data matrix codes meeting international standards.
 With the strong beam, the ADP is the best possible solution for marking on any hard metal.
 It offers high resolution markingat a relatively high speed in compared to Fiber laser technology
Efficient System  Akshar diode pro is a machine requiring no marking tools or die hence being a  machine with no    consumables and low running cost Operation of the machine  requires only single phase power supply for
   its operation. The wall plug operation makes it power saving and convenient.
Ergonomic and Laser safety features  The design of ADP is done in consideration to the convenience of operator and provides the best possible    option for working with it.
 Ensuring accidental operation of laser and for the convenience of the operator, The machine comes with a    Foot Switch controlling the Laser.
 The machine also comes with an option for laser safety enclosure


Automobile Components Electronics Tools and Measurements Medical/ Surgical Others
Bearings Integrated Circuits (ICs) HSS Orthopedic Implants Blades
 Liners Capacitors Carbide Screws Vanes
Cylinders Epoxy & Ceramic Chips Steel Tools Nails Pens
Day night switches Plastic Connectors Wrench Steel Rods Buttons
Gun Metal Transformer Tags Ceramics Clamp Spectacles
Engine ID Plates PCB Diamond Tools Artificial Joints Frames
Nozzles Switches Drill Bits Valves Awards & Plaques
Joints Solenoid Cutting Tools Surgical nstruments ID Cards
Filter & Filter Parts Fasteners Milling Cutters   Gift Articles
Piston Igniters Saw Blades   Appliances
Piston Rings Electrical wires Dies & Taps   Frames
Piston Pins Industrial cables Gauges   Fashion
Crankpins Hybrid Circuits Measuring Instruments   Accessories
Spark Plugs   Calipers    


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