Akshar Hallmark - 136
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Low Manpower
 As the machine itself shows the inclusion position and its accurate, so no need to use high skilled. This    helps in using of low skilled manpower and thus increase production capacity with the same skill set.
Minimize Process
 With Stress detection available with the planning machine itself, so no need to check the stress after    planning. At present, the process step consists of planning the stone and then sending it to other    department to check the stress level and feasibility of laser processing. With stress detection available    together with the planning machine, there is no requirement to send the stone to other department to     cross check and waste the time and efforts.
Air Cooled
 The Machine's temperature is maintained with state of the art Air Cooled Technology.
 Completely in-house developed marking software offers Profile marking, Alpha numeric marking< along with    Global fonts.
Guide lasers
 It provides a virtual preview of the marking content over the marking area.
Foot Switch
 Ensuring accidental operation of laser and for the convenience of the operator, The machine comes with a    Foot Switch controlling the Laser.
USB Software Lock
 Neither the machine nor the marking< software could be used without the USB Key. Hence ensuring the    confidentiality of data and restricted access to the machine

Technical Spec

Laser Fiber Laser
Laser Power 20 W
Marking Area (Optional) Ø 100/150 mm
Table Movement Motorized



 Jewellery Hallmarking  Brooches
 Brand/Logo Marking  Cufflinks
 Bangles  Pendants


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