Akshar Pride - Axis
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low power CO2 laser marking system,laser marking system

Technical Spec

Laser Sealed CO2
Laser Power 30, 50 W
Marking Area (Optional) 600X400 mm
Z Axis Movement Automatic


Pass-Through Design  Structure of this machine is designed in a way to house long work pieces in Y-axis direction.
Adjustable Height  Being an industrial machine accommodating critical components with varying sizes, the focal point of Laser
   can be precisely adjusted with the up and down movement of the bed.
Air Cooled  The Machine's temperature is maintained with state of the art Air Cooled Technology.
Perfect Finish  Air-assist combining adjustable focus system in coaxial jet air to prevent cutting edge from burning down.
I Mark  Completely in-house developed marking software offers Profile marking, Alpha numeric marking along with
   Global fonts.
USB Software Lock  Neither machine nor the marking software could be used without the USB Key. Hence ensures the    confidentiality of data and restricted access to the machine.
Foot Switch  Ensuring accidental operation of laser and for the convenience of the operator, the machine comes with a
   Foot Switch controlling the Laser.


 Electronics  Consumer Goods
 Integrated Circuits  Acrylic Display
 Capacitors  Decorations
 Epoxy & Ceramic Chips  Signs Boards
 Plastic Connectors  Gaskets
 Transformer Tags  Architectures Models
 PCB  2D Prototypes
 Switches  Marquetry
 Fasteners  Embroidery And Textile
 Electrical wires  Router Template Stencils
 Industrial cables  Photo Frames

Material Applicable

 Acrylic  Polycarbonates
 Venner  Chipboard
 MDF board  Paper
 Plywood  ABS
 Masonite  Polyester
 Rubber  PP
 Vinyl  Leather
 Foam  Cloth
 Nylon  Textile


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