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Diamond Inclusion Detection System
This system is an useful tool in allocating exact position of inclusion inside the rough diamond. If there is some open window, this machine will be able to precisely locate the inclusion and help in perfect planning of the rough stone. Low skilled manpower is required to operate and get the desired result.


 Detect inclusion upto IF clarity  
      Precise Inclusion position detection with optical depth     
 Magnification upto 240 times for perfect position of the inclusion  
 Fully automatic detection of Diamond Inclusion possible in clear stone  
 Stress Detection in True colour camera  
 Increased speed of production possible  
 Standard product can accommodate 12mm x 9 mm size of rough
 Only Indian company to manufacture  
 Successfully tested on all kinds of rough
 Comes with latest Corona Software
 Indigenously developed product
 Best in Class
 Ultra Clear Image Technology
 Software enabled zooming


 Starting from 0.01ct to more than 5.00ct


Low Skilled Manpower
 As the machine itself shows the inclusion position and its accurate, so no need to use high skilled. This helps in using of low skilled manpower and thus increase production capacity with the same skill set
Minimize Process
 With Stress detection available with the planning machine itself, so no need to check the stress after planning. At present, the process step consists of planning the stone and then sending it to other department to check the stress level and feasibility of laser processing. With stress detection available together with the planning machine, there is no requirement to send the stone to other department to cross check and waste the time and efforts
Lowers Design Mistakes
 The machine detects accurately the inclusion, so planning of the rough is correct. With just opening of windows, perfect planning of stones is done and it lowers the mistakes been done by the operators and managers while planning without this technology.
Faster Production
 As the machine shows the inclusion precisely as well as perfect planning is done at the planning department itself, so no need to waste time in checking the stone at each step. Also manager need not have to ask the polisher to go slow as he now knows exactly what is going to come out polished.
Save QC Time
 Due to not confirmation of inclusion inside the stone, the QC waste lot of time in taking decision. So with this machine, he can take decision swiftly and increase the production
After Sales Servicing
 We have 24 x7 service set-up


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