Company Profile

Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited (SLTL) - A pioneer in the field of lasers in India, caters to the need of various industries. The company offers pinnacle solutions with a wide range of laser system for diversified industrial applications such as: Cutting, Marking, Welding, Micro Machining, Solar Cell Scribing/ Cutting, Diamond processing and scanning, etc. SLTL is one of the few manufacturers in the world providing customized Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) laser solutions.

History of the company dates back to 1992 with the setting up of base factory in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. For the first time in India, it has introduced a laser system for diamond industry. Since then, it has been instrumental in bringing a revolution in the industrial development of India. Upon consistent R&D, it has emerged as the world's largest manufacturer of CNC laser systems for Diamond industry Since 1995, the company has ventured into the industrial applications and other laser material processing. Being a frontrunner for the CNC laser systems in India, it is now marching towards global ventures.

SLTL – a brand name by itself is solely responsible for the revolutionary changes in the Indian diamond industry by providing state of the art solutions through laser systems. It is modest to say that the company sustains a monopolistic presence in Indian Diamond Industry due to wide range of products seeded by the experience and expertise of research team.

The company provides solutions to scientific research institutes both private and government organizations around the globe. The major export hotspot for SLTL are the countries in Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, Middle East, Russia, China, Europe, USA, Canada, and Latin America.

SLTL has carved out a specific position for its products in the Global market with in-house strong multi-disciplinary R&D team consisting of research scholars, laser specialists, engineers specialised in fields of software, electrical, mechanical and instrumentation. It believes in Excellence through Empowering Innovations.

SLTL's Strength :
  An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  Largest Indian Manufacturer of Laser Machineries
  Govt. approved In-house R&D facility
  7+ Industry segments served
  20+ patents related to Laser's application
  22+ international installation base
  23+ years of experience in the Industry
  7000+ installations around the World
  #1 In India for Industrial laser systems
  #1 In the World for Diamond laser systems