Laser Cutting

Application : Cutting of Panel boxes and cabins, Cutting of LED Displays, trimming of LED Screens, PCB Panels
Suggested Machine : Akshar Pride- Axis

Laser Welding

Application :Precision Spot welding, Batteries, Metal enclosures, Electronic panel welding
Suggested Machine : Fibo 6X

Laser Marking

Application :Integrated Circuits, marking on silicon wafers, PCBs, ceramics, Pen drives, batteries,  LCD screens, capacitors, Epoxy and ceramic chips, plastic connectors, transformer tags, solenoid, fasteners, igniters, hybrid circuits
Suggested Machine : O-T-F- LPCO2

Laser Scribing

Application : Solar Cell Scribing, Thin film processing
Suggested Machine :
Solar Cell Scribing System
Special Applications

Application : Key board and Keypad Marking
Suggested Machine :
Akshar Diode Pro

Application : Power transmission and Industrial cables, Switches, LED Micro processing
Suggested Machine :