Hallmark Digital

Laser Diamond Sawing System
Hallmark Digital is one of the latest laser sawing system using advanced laser pumping technology. With a sharp beam structure, it is best suited for high quality laser sawing application. This machine is the best combination of speed, accuracy and versatility. Hallmark Digital holds its own in affordability, adaptability, comfort in usage, power efficiency, stability and user friendly software.


 Laser Fire Protection System (LFPS)  
      Dust free Resonator by having Protective Enclosure Mechanism     
 Laser Quality & Power System (LQPS)  
 High quality with stable laser beam form highly reliable Diode module  
 Smooth cutting surface
 Almost NILL breakage rate  
 Automatic laser power setting
 Low weight loss  
 Single phase power usage
 Total protection of diamond using peak power control
 Auto Frequency
 Data base log of processed diamonds are stored for laser utilization
 TSS fixture with advance pass
 Auto next system
 Fuzzy logic been used for software intelligence enabling smooth sawing of the stones
 Power & frequency control interface with software
 Facility to interface with planner machine
 Set-up station compatible software

Technical Spec

 Laser Source  NG75W CW
 Resolution  1 micron
 CNC Table  170 X 170 mm
 Power  230VAC - 1.7 kW, 50Hz
 Dimension  1810 x 900 x 1390 mm

Optional Accessories

 CNC Magnetic Table  
      3D Laser fire protection system     
 3D view during sawing  
 3D auto Data setting  
 Automatic Laser power setting
 Laser quality & power system LQPS  
 Angle and Pie cutting system
 Auto air ON/OFF  
 Voice enabled
 Set-up station
 Log in facility and online service call
 Automatic detection of diamond fixture for higher productivity


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