Machine Tools

2D Laser Cutting

Application :Cutting disks, saw blades, Slits
Suggested Machine : Brahmastra Prime

Bevel Cutting

Application : Ship Building
Suggested Machine : Fibo 6X

Profiling of Reflective Metals

Application : Ship Building, Aerospace components, Food processing machines
Suggested Machine : Brahmastra Vector,Brahmastra Future x

Laser Welding

3D Welding : Continuous, chain and precision welding
Application :
Automobile body, Chassis welding, automobile fuel tanks
Suggested Machine :
Fibo 6X

Laser Drilling

Application : Drilling on Automobile Wheels – Reduces cycle time and post processing
Suggested Machine :
Fibo 6X
Special Applications

Application : Tube Cutting, Angle Cutting / Slitting
Suggested Machine :