Diamond planning system
Auto Diamond Inclusion Detection System
Empowering innovation, the company Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd. has come with a state of art product NEBULA for high end diamond planning with an American technology. This best in class product comes with Auto Inclusion detection upto VVS clarity. It provides a complete package of auto inclusion detection, planning and marking on the stone. The Nebula is developed from Space Qualified technology and is the future of the diamond industry. With company’s long history about know-how of diamond processing as well as space research, SLTL has come with a product which adheres to the requirement of the industry. It is safe, secure and sure (perfect) in mapping the rough stone.


 Precise Inclusion Detection  
      Fully automatic Diamond Inclusion process     
 No need to Open windows or do any process on the stone  
 Detect inclusion upto VVS clarity  
 Only Indian company to manufacture  
 Product adheres to Industrial SAFETY standard  
 High speed of production possible
 Standard product is accommodate 12mm x 9 mm size of rough  
 Patent applied
 Remotely controllable machine
 Indigenously developed product
 Successfully tested on all kinds of rough
 Indigenously developed
 Compact design structure


No Needs to do QC:
 Our system is so precise that it does not require wasting time in doing QC. We can do speedily (VC) Validation and Confirmation. As shown above, the process of QC in other machine takes long process time and thus the production is slower. This is mainly due to non-precise mapping of the stone by the machine. As our machine is precise, we do not required that process step. We just do validation and confirmation of the 3D model
No need to take risk:
 With the introduction of this machine, the buyer of the rough stone need not take any risk. He can scan the stone on this machine and accurately know the position of the inclusion. Thereby no pre-processing of the stone is required. This not only averts any kind of risk in monetary terms but also assures the buyer of the end result beforehand
Save Time:-
Due to not confirmation of inclusion inside the stone, the designer and his manager waste lot of time in taking decision.
Getting Higer
 The machine detects accurately the inclusion, so it helps designer in optimum planning of the stone. Diamond being valued on its clarity and the pricing is differed appreciably when the inclusion comes inside the table surface instead of been left out. So it helps in getting higher value from the stone.
Getting Higher Yield
 Using this machine, we can use our natural resource to the optimum. As Diamonds are made by mother earth after thousands of years, so they are very sacred. They need to be used in the most efficient manner possible. With the use of this machine, there is no need to change the pre-defined plan of the rough stone. This will help in lowering losses due to extra polishing and thereby gaining comparatively higher Yield.
After Sales Servicing
Getting We have 24 x7 service set-up
Increase Manufacturing
This product will help in designing difficult or complicated stones and thereby gives confidence to the manufacturer to buy all kinds of goods from the market for polishing activity. So the goods which were left out due to non-confidence in the buyer will be bought and manufactured in India.


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