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Nearly 30 years of industrial experience, we are offering powerful, affordable and easy to use software along with our products. Our software enhances the transparency of your products and reduces the throughput in each stage.

We have a comprehensive range of software that covers your entire production process right from the customer inquiry to the dispatch of the finished part. With the help of the software, you can easily control the operational workflow including managing your customer orders and purchasing processes and your entire production easily in a targeted way. You can even track and observe your production progress and the status of your manufacturing jobs at a glance with a direct link to the online machine control.

Our software helps you to gain precise control of your indirect processes, reduce expenses and produce small quantities in a cost effective way. Software offered by SLTL enhances the transparency of your jobs and reduces the throughput time at every stage. With our effective and highly flexible solutions, you can fulfill your demand for greater product diversity and with it smaller lot sizes, is leading to every greater complexity in sheet metal processing.


Linear Motor Drive

Dynamic Edge Control

Auto sheet Orientation

Auto Cooling

Fly Cut

Online Clearance Control

Multiple Cutting Cycles

Motorized Dual Pallet

Safety Interlocks

Software Feature 1

In house software department

Precise planning is the basis for maximum machine utilization rates and quick delivery to the customer. With the software and data analysis, processes can be quickly controlled and continually optimized. The in-house software helps you to control your purchasing processes quickly and efficiently: request quotes from suppliers, place orders, and manage invoices, payments, and credit notes.

Software Feature 2

Intuitive user friendly interface

Networked management software optimizes upstream and downstream work processes to save your time. The software save time when preparing tenders and offer your customers the opportunity to calculate quotes themselves. You can plan your processes easily and quickly: calculate times and costs for parts and whole assemblies for the entire process.

Software Feature 3

Digital networking

IT is now merging with the world of machines. Digital networking is transforming your production facilities into a smart factory. You can network all your production process to each other by using variety of digital interface. It offers high level of transparency that enables you to overview the entire production process at all times making you to take accurate and quick decisions.

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