Precision Welding

Precision welding system India

Technical Spec

Beam Source Nd : YAG
Laser Power 60 W
Focus Length Standard 120 mm (others on request)
Spot Diameter* 200 µm to 2mm (*motor adjustable)


Large Display with Backlighting
 Clear presentation of all adjustable parameters in user view.  Adjustment limits are visualized.
Multifunctional Pedal
 In addition to high pulse trigger, all important parameters can be changed at any time with the help of the    practical multifunction pedal - without having to take your hands off the work piece.
“On Axis” Inert gas supply
 A safe “on axis” inert gas supply makes it possible to weld even highly sensitive materials such as titanium.    The welding mark is always inundated with inert gas at 90 degrees by the “on axis” gas supply. It
    guarantees that no shadow effects arise as in lateral gas supply.
High Power White Light LED Illumination
 No heat radiation by converting electrical energy into a focused white cone of light. With this generation of    machines hot chambers and the clammy hands associated with them are a part of past. The white light    offers highest color fidelity when looking through microscope. And it has an especially long service life of    over 10,000 hrs.
Beam Tuner - The Market Novelty
 The innovation beam tuner technology guarantees stable power output, even at  very low pulse energy. It
    is beneficial especially when welding very small parts.  Depending on application, spot size can be
    reduced to less than 50µm.
Integrated Extractor
 If the laboratory's own exhaust system can't or won't be used, there is an option for retrofitting the LWI    chamber type with an integrated extractor. Its an important component in the plug & Play philosophy of    SLTL's Laser generation.


 Automobile Components  Thin Sheet Metal Processing
 Jewellery  Medical Engineering
 Precision Engineering  Tool and Mould Construction
 Electrical Engineering  


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