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This machine is made for non-metal marking, it incredibly imprints over glass plastic, acrylic, and many other materials its light weight, compact size is crafted to settle in any environment and easy to start & operate. The adaptability of OptiFly enables it to work over many materials with promptness and precision. It can be fixed at any place on your production area for high-speed marking, Optifly outperforms with its high-speed engraving and marking operations. Laser Marking does not have direct contact with the marking surface. Hence, it will not affect physical property of the component which is getting marked. Optifly is a portable machine, almost a size of a projector and surprisingly consumes less electricity.

Customized Operations

The customization of our laser systems provides best compatibility and enables it to work on many things on urgent basis with accuracy. Optifly come with many customizable components which allow greater performs at high speed marking operations


Standard and Seamless Integration in production line

Compact mechanical design meets with multiple beam options which simplifies integration, seamless & easy integration on all the applications which gives exact & zero error marking. This Compact yet powerful Laser marking  system gets synced with any sort of production lines. As it is really  portable system that enables marvelous functionality across the premises.


Camera Vision Driven Marking

A built in camera in optifly helps not only in precise 2d scanning which allows easy tracking and tracing  but also provides a platform for precise and accurate marking. This technology allows to configure with the software and facilitates to see the marking position in the monitor


Intuitive and high performance software

High Performance software application  that extends a smooth and a fully automatic  production flow. Its application are versatile, adaptable & easy to handle, our user interfaces  for engraving & marking,  which features operations,  that are user friendly, flexible & traceable.



 Fiber Laser

 Laser Power

 20, 30, 50 W

 Marking field

 60 × 60 mm

 Z Axis Movement



  • Panel A.C.
  • Fume suction Rotary Device
  • X-Y axis manual / motorized Actuator motorized Automation
  • Indexing table Conveyor belt Pick & place CE Compliant

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Customer Speaks

  • “ When I finalized to bring A laser marking machine on board, I wasn’t so certain that whether my move was right or not, however within few months the machine has made its mark”

    Haresh Kothiya
    Owner, Dolphin Poly Plast pvt. Ltd..
  • “The significance of a powerful system for any sort of production is unexplainable. Things get tricky when it comes to marking the small to medium size substances. And laser marking machines is the most capable systems to undertake that sort of work"

    Chetan Patel
    Owner, Automotive Valves Pvt. Ltd..

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