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SLTL unveils & offers a state of art laser solution for solar cell cutting for a more stable performance. The machine features latest technology support so as to provide lasting work support by SLF/SLD for new generation High Power Laser Cutting Machine, with high precision solar cell metal cutting. The SCSS has two variations based on the beam generation and transmission- Fiber Lasers and Diode Lasers, Further, these laser scribing machines find use in the photovoltaic industry where these are used for scribing polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon wafer, non-crystalline silicon solar cell. Its structural construction is rigid and heavy for vibration free and high accuracy scribing & cutting applications. Much better than the old conventional methods of using mechanical tool to cut the cells.

Stable and automated continuous process

Automation in the Solar cell cutting machine has changed the scenario of production industry The machine is very stable which utilizes very low electricity and  automatically processes and operates which has made it possible to have an uninterrupted production flow.  


Precise cut operations

The Solar Cell Cutting machine executes the operation in the fluidic way and allow the cells to get perfectly cut at exactly required measurements.


Strong and easy structure for industrial applications

The structural construction of the machine is rigid and vibration-free and effective for cutting applications. The machine also includes vacuum plates, which do not have any potential for errors in solar cell breakdown.


Focus on safety

Extreme safety standards are considered while making this machine. This is to eliminate hazardous situation at facilities and keep the machine operators as safe and secure as possible.


User friendly control software

With proficient machine, it has also most user friendly operating system designed for laser scribing machines, real-time display to write paths in in-built camera.



 Multi Diodes Pumped Fiber Laser / DPSSL

 Laser Power

 20 W / 75 W

 Axis Travel (Optional)

 200 x 200 mm /250 x 250 mm



  • Panel AC
  • Fume Extractor (without Filter)
  • Foot Switch
  • Isolation Transformer

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