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SLTL- the World First manufacturer of Fiber Laser Cutting system has introduced ‘Prime’ 2D fiber laser cutting machine, considering specific needs of metal cutting industry. It’s a high-end CNC controlled machine, with Single lens mechanism, having  certain  in model specifications of Laser Fiber Wavelength of 1060 - 1070 nm, The integrated casting machine body is featured with rigidity, firmness, stability and anti-shocking property for all industry application. Fabricated with perfect cooling, lubrication, and dust-removal system to ensure stable, efficient & endurable operation with Professional cutting software for easy and convenient to operate.

Excellent Productivity

Prime is equipped with High-end 64 bit CNC controller along with an user-friendly operating interface. This magnificent controller responds within nanoseconds which makes the machine super responsive.  The laser starts at a predetermined point, and continues along the course of the line until the shape has been cut out. Not only this, but also the  Linear Motor Drive built with robust gantry structure enables 3G acceleration and thus increases productivity by saving time and executes precision finish.


Auto sheet Orientation

Prime has a smart function which allows to automatically sense the orientation of sheet, and then make the necessary adjustments in the program itself which allows in minimizing operator errors. This not only helps in increasing the flexible operations but also increases the productivity with minimum time duration.


Highly Intelligent Nesting

The optimized nesting software has a greater role to play in reducing the material wastage & working time. Features like common Cut, Dream Sequence, Late Cut, Corner Loop & much more provides the most efficient planning for the profile.


Dynamic motorized lens

The tool is installed in laser head for self- driven operation. It automatically changes the focus of the lens as per the object & the application.


Multiple Auto gas selection with auto adjustable pressure

Prime comes with an intelligent feature which allows to select the gas automatically just by providing the material type (S.S , AL. G.I..etc.) and thickness of the job. The machine not only automatically selects the gas (n2, o2, air) as per its suitability but also select the optimum level of gas pressure which reduces the consumption of gas.


Integrated casting machine body

Prime has designed with rigidity, stability and anti-shocking property. Fabricated with perfect cooling, lubrication and dust-removal system to ensure stable, efficient and endurable operation.



 Fiber Laser


 1060 – 1070 nm


 500 Watt

 X , Y & Z Axis

 1300 x 2600 x 100 mm

 Simultaneous ( X&Y)

 60 m/min


 ±0.05 mm

 Electrical Consumption**

 8 kW

 * Value measured over 1 meter
** Inclusive of Laser, Suction, Cooling & Control Unit. 
Cutting Thickness in Comparison to 1kW CO2 Laser


  • Touch screen HMI
  • Auto nozzle changeover
  • Auto nozzle cleaning
  • Dynamic motorized lens mechanism
  • Safety interlocks
  • Maintenance reminder
  • Scrap removal conveyor
  • Rotary Axis for Tube cutting
  • Hand held unit
  • Semi/ Auto loading & unloading
  • HSC features
  • Dynamic edge control

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Customer Speaks

  • “After using conventional means of cutting metal and seeing them taking certain time in doing so, It was quite magical for me to see SLTLs laser cutting machine working. I established it at my factory and it continues doing the same for us. Magic!”

    Pankaj Patel
    Owner, Shree Jagaji FAB.
  • "It’s been very prideful for us to utilize an innovative technology introduced by an Indian company. SLTL has brought revolution by introducing such an advanced laser cutting technology. At my facility, I saw a superb progress in everything."

    Manjit Patel
    Owner, Safal Industries.

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