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Hallmark 4G

SLTL Group is the eminent manufacturer & supplier of the 4p diamond laser machine. Hallmark 4G is a perfect blend of an advanced innovation with the best practices and must for all the Diamond Manufacturers around the World. Hallmark 4G is an all in one Diamond Processing System doing Table Sawing, Crowning, Bruiting, and Cone Blocking with one time fixing of the stone. Hallmark 4G is the 4th generation laser processing machine with inbuilt software for laser beam stability & robotic CNC control features. These are the new generation robots for diamond processing which will help redefine laser operations in the diamond industry, with the potential to produce almost 80% of the Work. This provides you with more systematic production cycle with error-free operations.

One Stop Solution

Multiple diamond processing system doing Table sawing, Crowning, Bruiting & cone blocking, with high accuracy and speed at a marginal time without any  human intervention with one time fixing of the stone. Hallmark 4G can also be integrated with our planer machine so that even the planning  process gets into system with minimal human interference. Along with saving a lot of time, it also increases the efficiency & diminishes  losses due to human errors. This provides you with more systematic production cycle with error free operations.

Hallmark 4G

Zero Maintenance

Machine is manufactured under the guidance of experts which increase the durability of Machine and helps to reduce the maintenance costs. High grade optics and advanced technology clubbed in a single, compact and scratch proof body.

Hallmark 4G

Precise Cuts With Minimum Wastage

The Gain is all yours while processing the stone SLTL provides you with almost nil breakage rate due to RTLS (Real Time Laser System). Extremely focused, stable and accurate beam profile to achieve weight loss which provides you with fewer operation errors. SLTL delivers advance processing system which gives you a better quality output and satisfying result

Hallmark 4G

Ultra Modern Software

The most Progressive & easy to understand software is very straight forward. It is being designed to decreases the man-machine intervention significantly which eventually results in minimum possible human errors. software packagenot only helps in reducing the risk of damaging the stone but also automatically sets optimized laser parameters based on the size of a diamond.

Hallmark 4G

 Laser Source


 Laser Type


 Wave Length

 1064 mm

 Beam Mode


 Working Power

 4 - 18 Watt

 CNC Table

 170 × 170 mm


 1 Micron


 3 Micron


 2 Micron

 Drive Type 


 Z Axis Travel

 50 mm

 Power Supply

 1 Phase, 15 Amp

 Power Consumption

 1.7 KW

 Operating Environment


 Temperature / Humidity

 20 - 30 °C / <60%

 Coolant Requirement

 4 - 6 Ltr/Hr


 1725 × 990 × 1610 mm

 Computer System: Intel Dual Core

 1 GB, 160 GB HHD, 17" LCD

  • Set-up station 
  • USA made Diode module (NG)
  • Interface with planner machine possibility 
  • Power & frequency control interface with software 

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