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Hallmark Grenotec

SLTL Group believes in ceaseless advancement  Hallmark Grenotec is the new generation robots for diamond processing which will help redefine laser operations in the diamond industry, with the potential to produce almost 80% of the work. The diamond is in total protection with the latest 3D laser fire protection system and power frequency control interface with the software. It also has high-speed laser focus facility on uneven surfaces. This system comes with Angle and Pie sawing option. Hallmark Grenotec is environment-friendly with short & straight weave length Different diamond fixture and innovative software helps in precise diamond pie sawing. It has an ability to fix multiple diamonds in the cassette which facilitates faster production from the machine. This provides you with more systematic production cycle with error-free operations.

High Speed At Best Accuracy

The Grenotec is designed in such a way that it rapidly cuts diamond at maximum possible watts resulting in greater output in less time. More importantly this rapid speed is achieved while ensuring minimum breakage because of the highest precision and accurate results.

Hallmark Grenotec

Minimal Weight Loss With Precise Cuts

It offers the advantages of minimal weight loss, minimal risk of damage to your diamonds,  easy maintenance, high durability and many optional add-ons including pie-cut sawing, shaping. The Grenotec utilises a high-end green laser has proven to be best efficient in sawing high tension stones whilst maintaining near-zero breakage rates. This technology is best for complex Production in less time.

Hallmark Grenotec

Flawless Bending & Pie cutting

Grenotec does totally unmanned, in-detail pie cutting within unbelievable seconds of time span. Even with high speed, it achieves the highest level productivity and optimum safety in diamond pie-cutting/bending process.

Hallmark Grenotec

Exquisite Cutting, Excellent Gain

An entire stone setting process and crucial banding process is performed by a highly advanced, intelligent and quick working Grenotec. Which, provides 100% accuracy in pie cutting performance hence gives more polished gain.

Hallmark Grenotec

 Wave Length

 532 nm

 Beam Mode


 Working Power

 8 - 15 Watt

 CNC Table

 180 × 180 mm


 17 Micron


 < 10 Micron


 < 10 Micron

 Drive Type 


 Z Axis Travel

 50 mm

 Power Supply

 1 Phase, 30 Amp

 Power Consumption

 1.7 KW


 1400 × 975 × 1700 mm

 Computer System

 Intel® Core™ i3 based CPU or higher

  • Magnetic Axis
  • NG Laser
  • Set-up station


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