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SLTL – a spearhead in the field of lasers in India, caters to the need of various industries. SLTL has the world’s fastest laser planning system for rapid Diamond designing. Lotus is one of the most accurate scanning of groove and cavity of the Diamonds. Lotus comes with specialized software for Precise planning, uniform and sharp marking feature as well as customized text and logo marking. Lotus is used to confidently plan and print manufacturing instructions for rough diamonds. It comes with full range of diamond planning & marking solution by using the latest of the art optical lens technology; this is a new generation system which is essential tool for diamond processing to get efficient production. It have an excellent features like high lightening speed, 3D scanning Accuracy, sharp & Parallel marking. The machine gives value for money.

Lightning speed

Lotus is one of the super quick laser scanning system made for fast diamond designing cycle. It can design 90 stones per hour with high precision. Dedicatedly designed to execute  fast rough diamond planning application, this machine worth every single penny invested.


3D scanning accuracy

Lotus arranges 3D analyses of the diamond and gives multiple planning solution. It undertakes accurate 3D laser scanning for measuring groove and cavity of the Diamond. With the help of Advanced Vision technology, Lotus yields the precision up to one millionth of a carat.


Superior Software Integration

SLTL has infused Lotus with a lively software that is exemplary in laser industry. It is the best blend of ease of operation, speed & accuracy. The logical algorithms are configured to get the best outcomes in the least possible time. The software enables to be integrated with other SLTL laser machine components, in order to exchange information effortlessly. The software has been developed with all the required features needed for your basic diamond planning application.


Laser Power



Line Width









Laser Source

Fiber Laser

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