Quality Policy

Its a Quality Policy founded on a commitment by all employees to provide product and services that satisfy our customers and also the management is committed to provide the direction and means to implement the Quality Policy through the following objectives:

  To enhance customer satisfaction by providing product which confirm the relevant specifications.
  Provide our customers with the best value for our product/ services and provide those products    and services on time.
  Provide systematic validation and control of design, manufacturing, operational and quality    processes.
  Provide a system of continuous improvement across all disciplines.
  Produces a system of employee involvement, motivation and training.

Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company following strict administration model.

The 5S and lean manufacturing systems implemented by experts keep the production in a streamlined form marching towards safety and ergonomic work environment. This also checks the >quality standards to be adhered during the production and hence enables the company to offer products of international standards.