Why Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd?
We are the Largest Indian Company to manufacture Laser systems

At Sahajanand, we understand the importance of the relationship between a company and its Employees. We at SLTL believe that each individual is a leader and that leadership is not an end in itself, but a means to bring out the best in people, to inspire and motivate them to commit their energies, skills and talent to deliver the organization's vision.

At SLTL we encourage employees to take risk and come up with innovative ideas for the betterment of the organization.

Understanding team dynamics, encouraging good relationships, effective & productive planning, motivating people and right degree of communication are some assets that we strongly focus upon Sahajanand Group of companies' endeavors to utilize best practice in workplace, health and safety, and employment standards.

We are committed to ethical behavior throughout our value chain & emphasize on Employees working as per our Ethics Policy in all dealings with suppliers, customers, or competitors.

We take measures to ensure good working conditions. Employees and Company representatives are expected at all times to act honestly, respectfully, and in accordance with our Ethics Policy in business activities. The company does not tolerate misconduct or harassment in any form that affects their work. SLTL offers competitive salaries, superior training and development opportunities, an equitable balance between work and home, and a rewarding work environment.

Moreover, the activities and efficiency of our employees are consistently monitored by the management and are respectively rewarded in the means of moral and financial rewards. SLTL is the best place to show your skill and get recognized.

Whomever or whatever it may be, anything to the Employee is everything to the Organization.

So come join our Organization and explore your inherent talent and skills.