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Las-o-Flex is equipped with sealed CO2 RF excited technology. It is Flexible easy to use system which used in many surgeries in the field of medical.

Good reason that make a truly convincing case:

  • Versatile user-oriented operating modes such assingle pulse, super pulse, continuous and burst mode.
  • Reliable beam guidance with minimal spot sizes and high power densities.
  • Controlled by micro controller.
  • Portable & easy to carry with no variation in guide laser.

CO2 Laser microsurgery system Clinical advantages

  • Small injury, no cut on the neck area and windpipe, less bleeding 
  • Non-touch, red light to indicate high precision 
  • Good functional security, heal up quickly, small scar & less infection.
  • Short operation time, less pain & short hospitalization time.
  • Clear operative vision, easy to operate & safe.

Speciality of Las-O-Flex CO2 Laser

  • Longest wavelength than anyother laser
  • Using super pulse mode (cutting & pulsing).
  • ensures almost no tissue damage by fastest and cleanest cut
  • Excellent coagulation (hemostasis)
  • True tissue regeneration
  • Less bleeding during surgery.
  • Reduced surgical time.
  • Reduced healing time.
  • Optimum comfort.


 Laser Type   Sealed CO2 RF Exited    
 Ergonomic Design   Portable - Trolley Mounted    
 Laser wave length   10600 nm   
 Power on tissue   1.0 to 30 Watt   
 Modes of operation  Continuous  1.0 ms to 60 ms
    Single  1.0 ms to 60 ms
    Burst      On Time  1.0 ms to 20 ms
                   Off Time  1.0 ms to 20 ms
    S. Pulse  1.0 ms
 Display (Control Panel)   LCD, Color Touch Screen   
 Aiming Beam  5 mW Red Diode beam, 635 nm,   
 Delivery System  7 joint, Spring Balanced, 135 cm, 360 degrotation   
    Fixed Mirror Hollow Articulated Arm   
 Focal Spot Diameter   0.1 mm to 1.0 mm    
 Cooling System   Internal Air cooling by fan   
 Hand Piece   Tiny, Compact, Durable, Easily adapt and Tip   
 Accessories Tips  1 set of 08 different TIPS, Auto clavable, Durable   
    Cheep and Easily Replaceable    
 Foot Switch   Wired ( Detachable)   
 Laser Emission   LED Illuminated    
 Indicators   Audible Tone   
 Safety  Emergency Stop, Door Interlock, Safety Goggles, Laser Radiation Sign    
 Electrical Power   Single Phase 230 V AC, 50 HZ, 5 AMP   
 Operation Temp   2x C   
 Humidity  <80%   
 Weight  30 KG   
 Dimensions  X700 mm X 350 mm X 200 mm (LXW H)   
 Warranty  1 Year   
 Micro Manipulator       
 Operating  Handy, Joystick, Focus Adjustable   
 Work Distance  200 mm to 400 mm Adjustable (Compatible to most Microscopes)   
 Focal Point Diameter  0.3 to 0.6 mm   

Not Applicable


  • Trolley
  • User Manual
  • Power Cord
  • Demo Video
  • Laser Radiation Sticker

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