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Lustre Plus

Lustre Plus is one of the front line machines from SLTL Group's remarkable Diamond Processing range. The machine is designed to automatically block the diamond at flexible angles.

Powered with smart logic in the integrated software it is built to block the diamond at right grain. Thus, resulting in a good quality diamond process and minimum breakages. This is an easy to operate machine, works with less human intervention for quality and precision accuracy.

Key Features of this product

  •  Automatic Grain seeking
  •  Unique Push-Fit system, saves time in die fixing
  •  Longer Scaipe life due to perfect weight control mechanism
  •  Precise blocking of the stone
  •  Full travel of diamond on the scaipe as per its size 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, etc 
  •  Diamond protection program: shows Error on keyboard automatically in case of fault in machine during process
  •  User friendly operation: semi-skilled operator can run the machine
  •  Blocking Options: 
    - Crown (TOP) / Pavilion (BOTTOM) / Table 
    - 4 Facets / 8 Facets / 16 Facets
  •  Automatic battery back-up in case of power failure 
  •  Varied program selection depending on type of rough: 2P/3P/4P/etc 
  •  Vibration less, high speed and efficient motor
  •  Different language keyboard options: English / Gujarati / customised
  •  Optional facility to integrate with Computer
Lustre Plus

Automatic/ Manual
4/8/16 facets can be cut V 1.3
Power Supply - 3 Phase

  • User Friendly Operating system
  • Push fit Collet
  • Weight Control Knob
  • Facet Setting system

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