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Fiber Laser Marking & Engraving Machine

Pioneers of the laser industry, SLTL Group developed Laser Marking Machines that can settle in any environment and start operation in seconds. These lasers can cover a broad range of application areas. With an ultrafine marking impression for metal, non-metal marking one of the models can incredibly imprint over smaller to larger components.

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Laser Marking Machine

2D | 3D | Marking & Engraving

SLTL Group has been producing benchmark Laser Marking systems. With a range of laser marking solutions that are differentiated based on the application; SLTL has been working ahead of time. The smart machines are capable of marking all the materials ranging from metals to non-metals. And the marking possibilities are endless, to name a few; applications like 2d, 3d marking/ engraving, coloured marking, rotary marking, hallmarking, printing, coding, and traceability. These smart-systems can permanently mark the details on the material surface or in-depth as per requirement.

2D | 3D | Marking & Engraving

Laser Engraving Machines

  • CO2 Laser Marking Machine
  • Fiber Laser Marking Machine

CO2 Laser Marking Machine

We at SLTL have introduced CO2 laser marking/ engraving machine to provide swift productivity with high contrast markings without damaging the material. The system is suitable for marking a wide range of non-metallic materials including rubber, leather, plastics, foam, textiles, glass, acrylic, wood, corrugated box, cardboard, paper, 3M stickers, ceramics and others with high precision and accuracy.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

SLTL group has been working with world-class engineers and mechanical designers to come up with the most impeccable laser engraving and marking machines which have been acknowledged globally.

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    Global Success Stories

    Customers Feedback


    Customers Feedback

    Manjit Patel

    Manjit Patel

    Owner, Safal Industries

    It’s been very prideful for us to utilize an innovative technology introduced by an Indian company. SLTL has brought revolution by introducing such an advanced laser cutting technology. At my facility, I saw a superb progress in everything.

    P. Giradhar

    P. Giradhar

    Owner, Sharp n Shine

    I wanted to go for a lower cost marking system in starting. Somehow I realized the importance of laser machine and how effective it gets once you start using it. I decide to get one for my production work and I am glad with my decision.

    Pankaj Patel

    Pankaj Patel

    Owner, Solco Biomedical Co. (I.) Pvt. Ltd.

    The streamlined work, finest quality of marking and many more excellent features I have got from SLTL’s laser marking machine. The machine held true on every bet you are making on it and that very thing make it worthy.

    Divyesh Panchal

    Divyesh Panchal

    Harshad Engineering Works

    “ If I would look backward from the point where my business is standing today, Fiber laser marking machine seems like complete life changer for all of us.”

    Rajesh Donga

    Rajesh Donga

    K. K. Case

    "I tried many marking technologies to mark multiple objects previously, but the marking quality which I got from the SLTLs laser marking machine is second to none. it delivers hight quality products and its software automation offers controlled marking."

    Chetan Patel

    Chetan Patel

    Vannes automobiles Pvt. Ltd.

    “ The significance of a powerful system for any sort of production is unexplainable. The things get even tricky when it comes to marking the small to medium size substances. And laser marking machines is the most capable marking systems to undertake that sort of work.”

    Haresh Kothiya

    Haresh Kothiya

    Dolphin Poly Plast Pvt. Ltd.

    “ When I finalized to bring A laser marking machine on board, I wasn’t so certain that whether my move was right or not, however within few months the machine has made its mark”

    Pankaj Patel

    Pankaj Patel

    Shree Jagji Fab

    “ After using conventional means of cutting metal and seeing them taking certain time in doing so, It was quite magical for me to see SLTLs laser cutting machine working. I established it at my factory and it continues doing the same for us. Magic!”

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