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FIE FOUNDATION AWARD – Head start to the promising technology

07th Jun 2022
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IMTEX has been one fabulous show for SLTL Group

IMTEX has been one of the prominent trade fairs of South-East Asia and home ground for SLTL Group. This show is also close to our history due to the many important products of the company was introduced at this show. One of the most revolutionary products that SLTL Group launched at IMTEX in 2007 was Fiber Laser Cutting machine. The fiber laser technology that was introduced to the world for the very first time was launched at this show.
Also, with IMTEX celebrating its 50 year anniversary, SLTL Group is completing 30 years of Empowering Innovation.

Continuing the eventful past, this year’s IMTEX has been one fabulous show for SLTL Group with two new technical launches and receiving an overwhelming response at the trade fair. During the show, our products have caught eyeballs of many industries as it crossways with various crucial applications.

FIE Foundation award @ SLTL Group - IMTEX 2019

One of the launch, NOVA- One Machine, Multiple Solutions has been awarded ‘Best Innovation’ by FIE Foundation for its robust technology. This laser system is designed for efficient manufacturing and tooling in the industry.

NOVA is one of the important laser system designed to perform specialized tasks for TOOLTECH industry. It is capable of welding very small parts and fine structures to larger ones. Achieving strong, visually flawless seams is increasingly important in all production processes. And the laser welding system from SLTL Group delivers the precision and efficiency required for large scale industrial applications. Having a compact, portable design laser system has fully integrated, ergonomic and innovative user concept.

With NOVA it is possible to look beyond the obvious Laser Welding. NOVA is designed to perform tasks like Drilling, Annealing, and Hardening.

Since years SLTL Group has been leading industries to achieve maximum throughput through revolutionary laser systems and services. We have focussed our resources straight to the vision of the company: to provide high tech solutions to all the strata of the industry.

The immediate ‘Best Innovation’ by FIE Foundation is a proof of promising technology that has been introduced by SLTL Group to the industry. We as a company promise to bring the technology that takes industries to next level.