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Press Brake


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Press Brake - Metal Sheet Bending Machine

Press Brake - Metal Sheet Bending Machine

Reasons you'll love OptiBend

Precise Bending
Precise Bending
Tool clamping system
Tool clamping system
Modern design
Modern design
Parallel plate bending
Parallel plate bending
Metal Sheet Bending Machine

Metal Sheet Bending Machine

SLTL Group’s baseline Machines are designed to provide value for money in the market. We have always been innovating to help industry and fabricators achieve the highest standards of applications. The speciality of this system gives the flexibility to process any simple to complex components. The key element of Opti Bend is to create basic shapes or complex geometrical structures with a similar level of precision. Each model of Opti Bend has built up an appropriate system for parallel plate bending, a basic component to ensure a consistent bending angle without the need for any extra delegated systems. It simulates in three dimensions and allows for manual or automatic search of the bending sequence for the presses to be robotic. Other innovations include the angle-measuring system with the interface for bending data correction and a brand new tool clamping system for a dramatic reduction in setup time.

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Product Description

It is an industrial sheet metal bending machine which creates basic to complex geometrical structures with the finest precision.

Precise bending

Precise bending

With high process accuracy, the machine gives perfect bending to the material and gives the exact shape as required. It works well even on larger components giving a perfect edge.

High Quality Bends

High Quality Bends

With Conical and radius bending processes it gives perfect angle to material.The bending machine is fitted with a clamping system, which holds the plate in position for better accuracy giving quality outcomes.

Automation Concept

Automation Concept

The automation mechanism helps in very easy operation and proves to be a less labour-intensive machine. The machine can be simply operated as it is exceptionally easy to understand and have a profoundly great controlling framework.

Efficient and Inexpensive

Efficient and Inexpensive

These excellent machines for bending metal save time with the most advanced structures, as a great deal of time is consumed when metal bending is done manually. Therefore, metal bending machines encourage the company to process more components within less time resulting in less overhead costs.

Modern Design with Effortless Function

Modern Design with Effortless Function

With the help of OptiBend, all the required parts can be effortlessly modified and quickly manufactured by semi-skilled operators. Considerably the generic functions and programming procedures of the machine can be learned and practically implemented for the most effective results in lesser time.

 Model  PBO 1030  PBO 1040  PBO 1630  PBO 1640  PBO 2030  PBO 2040
 Maximum Tonnage  100  100  160  160  200  200
 Table length (Working  length)  90 × 3100  90 × 4100  90 × 3100  90 × 4100  90 × 3100  90 × 4100
 Working height (mm)  900  900  900  900  900  900
 Open Daylight (mm)  350  350  410  410  410  410
 Close Daylight (mm)  200  200  210  210  210  210
 Ram Stroke (mm)  150  150  200  200  200  200
 Bending Capacity in M.S.  4 × 3000  3 × 4000  6 × 3000  5 × 4000  8 × 3000  6 × 4000
 Ram Speed (mm/sec)
 Approach  100  100  100  100  100  100
Pressing 7 7 7 7 6 6
Return 80 80 80 80 80 80
 Throat Depth(mm)  200  200  300  300  300  300
 Oil capacity (litre)  300  300  500  500  500  500
 Motor HP  10  10  15  15  20  20
 Overall Dimension (mm)
 Length  A  3750  4750  3750  4800  3800  4800
Width   B 1700 1850 1800 1900 1900 2000
Height  C 2800 3000 2900 3200 3000 3250
 Machine Weight (Kg.)  5700  7000  6500  7600  7500  8500
 Controller- Delem DA  56S  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES


Precise bending for automotive components

Precise bending for automotive components

Bending of sheet metal is an integral part of automotive industry operations. With the help of Technologically advanced bending machine setup sheet metal can be precisely bent at any required angle with maximum accuracy.

Roofing in construction

Roofing in construction

Bending of sheet metal can be done with the highly advanced bending machine. It can be utilized for making the roofs for the construction of houses, sheds and workplaces.

Peculiar bend as per customized need.

Peculiar bend as per customized need.

Sheet metal can be bend as per the given requirement, any shape can be obtained with precise bend angle and with minimum applied force. It also executes the bending without damaging the metal from any side.

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