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12th Dec 2022
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Thank you for making it a success!

#SLTLGroup concluded one of the most awaited trade shows of the year, LWOP 2022. We demonstrated a plethora of applications and solutions that are #Made in India to facilitate industries with revolutionary solutions. With plenty of opportunities and Experts thriving on futuristic solutions, these 3-days were a major success.

Being an R&D-based company as well as an OEM provider, we discussed latest industry trends, futuristic solutions and explored collaborative opportunities with the global attendees. Our laser experts demonstrated in-house developed laser equipment, as well as optomechanical components.

lwop-event-2022The expo was a great platform for us to directly showcase our ground-breaking solutions for lasers, laser systems, and optomechanical components developed indigenously by technocrats. With the widest range of applications for laser cutting, marking, welding, cleaning, hardening, cladding, micro-machining, robotics, and automation technocrats are empowering innovations in all industries. Not just these, Optomechanical components like lasers, optics, nano positioning components, axis, loading unloading mechanisms, laser heads, nano photonics, and other Photonics parts, and much more were displayed and discussed by the technology experts.

Being a technologically advanced company, the technocrats exhibited the most recent advancements of IoT, and AI-based systems to be ahead of time. Owing to their application processing perfection, Industry 4.0 and vision system-based solutions were the key highlights this year.


The SLTL Group is delighted to have all the attendees, delegates, technocrats, and customers at the show, and we anticipate a more happy and collaborative future with you.

Together let’s thrive in the industries! Looking forward to meeting you all and collaborating on the most advanced technologies. Join us if you haven’t already.