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Best Electronics Industry Award – By GESIA

22nd Oct 2018
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SLTL Group takes this moment to extend the acknowledgement to its stake holders for their constant trust and support.

Year by Year, SLTL GROUP – Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited bagged award for Best Electronics Industry by GESIA  (Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association).

Gesia Award - SLTL Group - Best Electronics Industry

The award is an indication to our commitment towards providing world class solutions to the industry. This is an achievement as a result of consistent innovation and SLTL thrives to build products that enhances industry throughput, quantitatively and qualitatively. The reason why we are constantly leading the way through can be reflected in our approach.

Our Operation Span

SLTL Group is a global pioneer for fiber laser application. With cutting edge technology the group offers laser application in multiple industries. Main business activity of the group is to provide solution to industries like sheet metal using laser technology. The group owns a major market share in Gems and jewellery industry providing one stop solution for all industrial needs. SLTL Group spreads its wing span over the industries like RF and Microwave where it leads the frontier by providing anechoic chambers and other solutions to the aerospace and defence industries. Group expand operations in renewable energy solutions for industries by providing solar thermal solutions. SLTL Group contributes its profound edge in medical industry by developing medical devices. The Group manufacturers’ devices like stents and PTCA balloons.

Our Global Strategy

SLTL’s exploration is not restricted to an industry or two; instead, it is beyond the limits of the industry. So far we have entered and marvelled verticals such as Automotive, Machine tools, Electronics, jewellery, Medical, Micro-machining and so on. The aforementioned list manifests the saga of our years of excellence across the globe. The company has an outreach strategy to tap in European and North American subcontinent while fastening grip over South-East Asian markets. We are enjoying monopolistic situation in the Laser Industry of India.

Vision for the future

SLTL’s strength is its indigenous research and development department, through which the company has marked its presence as the world’s largest manufacturer of laser systems for the diamond industry. As an endeavour to bring usability at ease, we came up with our in-house laser marking interface. We have initiated automation and industry 4.0 at every level of manufacturing process. The idea is to make production process very easy and independent of human interference to achieve ultimate perfection.

Importance of in-house R&D

The in-house DSIR (The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research ) approved R&D team provides a strong support to manufacturing of systems. With R&D at backbone of our innovation, we thrive for bringing new technologies. Resulting which we have over 25 patents. SLTL Group follows strong industrial practices to maintain high quality standards. We are ISO 9001-2015 certified company and follow quality and process management approaches such as Kaizen, 5S, and six sigma, lean others. We follow a very strict Quality Check and Quality Assurance procedure to make sure that we provide best technology available in the market.

We embrace challenges with arms wide open. Challenges push us to create out of the box products which fit current and future industrial demands. SLTL Group takes this moment to extend the acknowledgement to its stake holders for their constant trust and support. We promise to direct our efforts towards building future more aggressively.

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