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Hallmark Beam

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Diversified Applications
Diversified Applications
Exceptional Precision For All Types Of Diamonds
Exceptional Precision For All Types Of Diamonds
Intuitive Software
Intuitive Software
Multiple Possibilities in a Single System
Multiple Possibilities in a Single System
Remarkable Quality
Remarkable Quality

Hallmark Beam

Introducing the Hallmark Beam, a revolutionary diamond processing machine that is set to transform the industry. This cutting-edge system redefines the way diamonds are processed, offering effortless customization and precision in creating exquisite diamond shapes. With its state-of-the-art technology, the Hallmark Beam simplifies the production of various fancy shapes and allows for the creation of personalized diamond designs effortlessly.
As an all-in-one machine, the Hallmark Beam seamlessly carries out a wide range of diamond processing tasks, including table sawing, bruting, pavilion coning, and fancy shaping, all within a single setup. It guarantees exact dimensions and shapes, ensuring minimal wastage and maximizing the yield of each diamond stone.

Embrace this game-changing machine to unlock unparalleled efficiency, precision, and the ability to create truly unique diamond pieces that reflect your brand’s identity. Welcome to the future of diamond processing, where customization and quality converge effortlessly.

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• Achieve complex contouring with the American-made laser. This enables the precise cone shaping and carving of diamonds into various intricate shapes

• Experience convenience and flexibility as you effortlessly cut fancy and customized diamond shapes in one setup

• Intelligent features for processing different applications at a single set-up.

• Fully automatic system provides better production without high skilled manpower

• Smart intelligent software detects the stones symmetry and accordingly selects the best cutting parameter

• Cuts fancy shapes and customized shapes at a single setup

•. Almost negligible breakage rate due to RTLS (Real Time Laser System)

• Precision laser operation due to stable beam delivery

• Total protection of diamond using peak power control

Laser Source SPAQ 75W CW
Laser Type DPSSL
Wavelength (nm) nm 1064
Beam Mode TEM00
Output Power (watt) watt ≤ 28 W @ 6 kHz
CNC Table (mm) mm 120 * 120
Resolution (micron) micron ±1
Repeatability (micron) micron ±6
Accuracy (micron) micron ±5
Drive Type AC SERVO
Z Axis Travel (mm) mm 50
Power Supply 1 Phase, 15 Amp
Power Consumption (kW) kw 2.2
Operating Environment
Temperature / Humidity 20 – 30 °C / < 60% RH
Coolant Requirement 4 – 6 lt/hr
Coolant Storage (litre) litre 10
Dimension (mm) mm 1360 * 730 * 1390
Computer System Intel Core i3 based CPU or Higher

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