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Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Automation
Maximum Gains
Maximum Gains
Ultra Precise Coring
Ultra Precise Coring
Versatile And Productive
Versatile And Productive
Brilliance Unleashed
Brilliance Unleashed

Hallmark Green Edge

Introducing SLTL’s Hallmark Green Edge, the ultimate diamond slicing solution that exceeds all expectations. With a focus on mechanical stability, this cutting-edge machine delivers exceptional results while providing user-friendly software for enhanced productivity.

The Green Edge stands out with its green laser source, producing a finely tuned beam for unmatched diamond processing capabilities. It has become the go-to instrument for diamond manufacturers who prioritize superior quality.

Designed with the consumer in mind, the Hallmark Green Edge is a powerful machine that swiftly completes tasks. Its green laser ensures precise and waste-free processing, while our advanced Hi-Tech software enables seamless automation for an untroubled experience. With advanced consistent perfection in cuts and angles, this machine guarantees flawless results. Combined with intuitive software, it offers a seamless and effortless user experience.

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Hallmark Green Edge
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• Utilizing an American-made laser system, a side pump laser is installed to ensure efficient diamond coring and slicing

• The exceptionally sturdy construction and rigid framework enable the production of meticulously sliced

• CVD diamonds using the Hallmark Green Edge laser system

• By implementing a magnetic axis system, the linear axis provides both flexibility in movement and accurate diamond sawing capabilities

• Experience smooth slitting surfaces, sharp edges, and parallel kerfs with negligible heat impact zone Achieve lightning-fast cutting speeds, exceptional mechanical precision, and ultra-thin kerf widths

• Attain clean and deposit-free surfaces with minimal post-treatment, eliminating the need for focus control Power & frequency control interface in software

• Precise laser sawing operation due to stable beam delivery Sawing of tension stones is possible

• Peak power control with Real Time Laser System (RTLS)

Parameter Value
Wavelength nm 532
Beam Mode TEM00
Output Power watt ≤ 24 W @ 9 kHz
CNC Table Size mm 170 x 170
Resolution micron ±1
Repeatability micron ±3
Accuracy micron ±2
Drive Type AC SERVO
Z Axis Travel mm 50 mm
Power Supply 1 Phase, 15 Amp
Power Consumption kW 2.2
Operating Environment
Temperature / Humidity °C/RH 20 – 30 °C / < 60% RH
Coolant Requirement lt/hr 4 – 6 lt/hr
Coolant Storage litre 10 liters
Dimensions mm 1360 mm x 730 mm x 1390 mm
Computer System Intel Core i3 based CPU or Higher

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