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Engimach 2019: What an end to this year’s calendar

09th Dec 2019
Read Time:1.01 min
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SLTL Group’s LaserExperts end this year's event journey on a high note at Engimach 2019.

SLTL Group’s LaserExperts end this year’s event journey on a high note at Engimach 2019.The show which was hosted at the home of SLTL Group, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.  from 4-8 December. The expo was visited by more than 20,000 delegates from 10 countries.

Laserexperts at Engimach 2020

During the 5 days of the expo, the team was engaged in productive discussions with visitors for business and technology collaborations. Live Laser Systems demonstrations and the intricate sample display prepared by SLTL Group intrigued visitors on the advanced capabilities of the technology.

The LaserExperts helped visitors to understand the technology, with that, the team also guided on its application in their business setup. To enrich the experience, visitors who visited Engimach were also invited to have an exclusive look into India’s Largest Laser Manufacturing unit by SLTL Group.