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IMTEX 2019 – Bangalore

14th Feb 2019
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“Empowering ToolTech Industry with laser systems” is a way of putting forward the technology that’s has made huge developments in the industry.

IMTEX 2019 and Tooltech 2019 was a show for mother machine manufacturers. The show is home to an industry that has been creating technology to make machines. SLTL Group is completing 30 years of ‘Empowering Innovation’ and has showcased many more groundbreaking innovations. As IMTEX is also marking 50th anniversary with this year’s ToolTech show we have framed our campaign for Tooltech industry with the tagline “Empowering ToolTech Industry with laser systems”.

We had a very simple marketing strategy. The idea was to keep the core theme in front of the market with the least resources and layers of marketing etiquettes. This way we are able to maintain transparency with the audience on immense capabilities of our laser systems. Over the years, the industry has trusted us by the quality of the products and technologies we have delivered. Our ideology is to streamline those values into the campaign and become a company industry knows and trusts. “Empowering ToolTech Industry with laser systems” is a way of putting forward the technology that’s has made huge developments in the industry. As a company, we have provided complete automation for indexing; double indexing of bearings, nozzle marking, piston ring marking and tool cutting.

Since years, SLTL Group has developed technology to help ToolTech industry achieve high standards of quality and precision. This year at IMTEX we showcased the widest range of technologies including- laser marking, laser welding and this year’s biggest concept launch for a smart automation solution. Every year SLTL Group introduces new innovation and technology to the industry. As this year SLTL Group celebrates 30 years of revolutionizing industries and continues the tradition of innovation by launching an Intuitive Smart Automation system at IMTEX. The system is designed by SLTL Group’s in-house R&D team to improvise production time, enhance the quality of automation and a complete solution to all operational need.

Laser - Optifly Solution & Nova Machine

We kept forward our OPTIFLY solutions along with best in class laser marking and welding systems. This year we launched an enhanced version of OPTIFLY which is aimed at making the production process intuitively smart. With this new solution tool manufacturing industry would benefit in improvising production time and quality of the products. One of the other laser systems which we launched at Imtex is a very dynamic system, capable of carrying multiple operations, it is called NOVA. It is going to be a very effective system for the tooltech industry with One system, multiple solutions.

At Imtex NOVA: One Machine, Multiple Solutions was awarded ‘Best Innovation’ by FIE Foundation. The latest product of SLTL Group’s in-house R&D department looks promising to the industry with the capability to deliver more varied operation.

Best Innovation BY FIE Foundation Award

Intensive knowledge sharing by our LaserExperts, live system applications and AI Powered smart technology on display gave visitors a fascinating futuristic overview of laser world at IMTEX 2019.

If you have missed a chance to visit us at IMTEX, we have got a brief of technology showcased and its possibilities in an interview covered by The Machinist.

The interview covers the applications of the newly launched technology, current marketplace trends, and future demands.

Watch the full video here: