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Breaking into Tech And Thriving In The Diamond Industry With Innovative Solutions For Diamonds From Mine or Lab To Market

10th Aug 2022
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The 4-day gala event, LDJS 2022 concluded with a bang! With the ocean of opportunities and Experts thriving the futuristic solutions for Lab-grown and natural diamonds from growing to processing the most lucrative gemstones.

The second edition of LDJS – one of its kind Lab-grown diamond exhibition ended on a high note. As always, SLTL Group pioneers of Laser Machinery introduced ground-breaking innovations and smart systems to upgrade the industries. And with this show, our Experts had an opportunity to meet and demonstrate to the global attendees our futuristic solutions suiting their requirements.

If we go in-depth, we can acknowledge what a fantastic journey diamonds underwent before reaching us. A history that even the most imaginative authors could not have invented. But now, the technology has evolved many folds to bring out the innovations we are using today. And we can create Lab-grown diamonds having the exactly same properties as a natural diamond in a better and more convenient manner.

Known for innovating technologies like Laser Bruiting Machine with Fiber Laser to reduce operating costs by 1/20th and introducing technology with AI, ANN and IOT which were then not majorly known. Following the legacy and vision of Empowering Innovation, SLTL Group, today has developed indigenous solutions for Lab-grown or CVD Diamonds.

SLTL Group’s state-of-art technology of Diamond Processing System uses integrated artificial intelligence, combined in every stage of the machine from the mining to the marketing of diamonds. Diamond cutting machines are capable of cutting and processing diamonds in a variety of shapes and styles elegantly. While the 4p systems can outperform the processes flawlessly with minimum human participation.

Employing the most scientifically advanced technology SLTL has taken CVD Cutting and Diamond Processing to the next level. Smooth Laser processing to obtain CVD diamond slices with excellent edge quality and the coring is done with unparalleled precision.

The complex inclusion detection is made simple with SLTL Group‘s advent technology, Nebula and irrespective of the level of impurities this ingenious technology is designed to detect all types of inclusions whether transparent or black – piques, cracks, bubbles, clouds, etc.

Starting from growing the diamond to its coring, sawing, bruiting, cutting, inclusion detection, polishing and even the marking is remarkably done by the solutions designed specifically to create the most lucrative gemstones. One of the mainstays this year was the introduction of our CVD Diamond growing machine.