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26th Jul 2022
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The mega event, AMTEX 2022 ended on a High note! With plenty of opportunities and laser experts thriving the futuristic solutions, these 4-days are a major success

One of the leading technology exhibitions in India was held at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from July 22 to 25, 2022. SLTL Group, pioneers of Laser Machinery introduced ground-breaking innovations and smart systems as well as updates for transforming the industries. And the Laser Experts were enthusiastic to meet and demonstrate the futuristic technologies to the customers, visitors and technocrats.

SLTL Group extends apex solutions with a wide range of laser systems for 2-D and 3-D components such as Cutting, Marking/ Engraving, Welding, Robotic Automation and others. And one of the mainstays this year was the live demonstration of the enhanced model of our mainstay laser cutting machine. We listened to our customers and developed laser systems to meet their complex requirements and accordingly revamped our core Laser Cutting System, Prime.

The Amtex 2022 has been a sheer success in terms of attaining an identity in the mind of our potential clients. We are always excited to discuss system design, operation, and worldwide service support with you and explore how our ideation could enhance your work. With delegates, customers and visitors from all walks of life, the technical experts are delighted to provide our visitors with first-hand experience of our laser systems.

This year, we showcased some of the most advanced Fiber Laser Cutting and Laser Marking machines that could help in enhancing productivity. As an industry leader, we got a lot of coverage, prospective opportunities and are indebted for getting your trust in our systems.

The SLTL Group is delighted to have all the attendees, delegates, technocrats and customers at the show, and we anticipate a more happy and collaborative future.