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Ministry of Finance’s Import-Dumping Decision Boosts Indian Laser Industry

23rd Dec 2023
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Embracing Progress: Imposed Duties Pave the Way for Advances in R&D, Academia, and Laser Applications.
Date: 24/12/2023
In a significant development, the Ministry of Finance has greenlit the imposition of Anti-Dumping duties on industrial laser machines in response to a thorough investigation initiated by the Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) and conducted by the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR). This decision comes as a resolute step to shield the domestic industry from the adverse effects of inexpensive Chinese imports.
The move follows a proactive stance against unfair trade practices, with a focus on supporting indigenous industries and fostering self-reliance in manufacturing. The recent imposition of duties, stemming from an Anti-Dumping probe into Chinese imports, underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to the Make-in-India initiative.

The approval from the Ministry of Finance comes after manufacturers, including the SLTL Group, appealed to the DGTR to investigate Anti-Dumping practices surrounding industrial laser machines. The decision to impose duties was grounded in the substantial harm caused by these dumped imports to domestic manufacturers.
SLTL Group, aligning with the Make-in-India initiative since its inception in 1989, has played a crucial role in supporting Indian manufacturers in critical areas such as Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, and Laser Marking machines. The imposition of Anti-Dumping duties is expected to lead to a significant increase of approximately 30% in the prices of imported Chinese machines, fostering a more balanced and fair competition landscape for Indian manufacturers.
This move is poised to bring about a positive shift in the industry, encouraging companies to prioritize customer and market needs over impulsive purchases of lower-priced commodities. The Ministry of Finance’s decision is a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to create a level playing field for Indian manufacturers, allowing them to thrive and contribute substantially to the nation’s economy.
For detailed information on the Anti-Dumping duty investigation, approval by the Ministry of Finance, and related updates, please visit DGTR’s official website. Anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of “Industrial Laser Machines, used for cutting, marking, or welding” from China PR. | Directorate General of Trade Remedies | MOCI | GOI (
This collaborative effort marks just the beginning of a transformative journey, demanding sustained commitment to drive the Indian manufacturing sector forward. The government’s multifaceted approach, including Anti-Dumping duties, signifies a comprehensive strategy to empower the industrial sector, promote economic growth, foster innovation, and ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of Indian industries in the global arena. Also, it will help and support many Indian Laser Machine manufacturers to boost their growth and invest in R&D which can help nation build more products.