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04th Nov 2022
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Working on the most demanded solution of the sheet-metal industry, we crafted an all-new Infinity F1 as an ergonomic container-fit machine that enables the most advanced software structure to save time and enhance productivity. Designed to fit in the compact space, this robust machine’s exceptional craftsmanship makes it a must-buy for sheet metal cutting applications. With power ranging from 1-10 kW the Infinity F1 can accurately cut the metals like stainless steel, mild steel, copper, aluminium, brass, GI, and other textured & coated sheets. The CE-compliant sheet metal cutting solution is equipped with digitalized intuitive software integrated with IoT to generate real-time data.

We had the chance to meet all the cherished old friends and forge new ones during these four days at the exhibition, which included the spectacular debut of our one-of-a-kind Fiber laser cutting machine. Team SLTL is grateful to have the customers, prospects, visitors, technocrats, and everyone that joined us at the #EuroBlech, #Hannover. Thanks to the team and visitors. We are looking forward to meeting more curious and like-minded visitors and discussing our world-class solutions for Laser cutting, marking, engraving, welding, robotic automation, and other applications at India’s Largest Laser Manufacturing Facility –

Do you have questions regarding our solutions? Innovations in laser cutting, marking, welding, and more will be on display at Fabtech, Atlanta, USA, and our team of laser professionals will be present to discuss our work. The latest innovations, technological advancements, and industry trends may all be learned about at this exhibition.

Hall No: B
Booth No: B9729
Venue: Georgia World Congress Centre, Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.
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