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SLTL Group’s Lasers strive at EV Show 2022 to sustainably create the lightest & safest E-Vehicles

16th Nov 2022
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Bringing a plethora of solutions to channel the EV creation process in the form of a single step to an all-in-one assembly line solution, Laser Experts aim at empowering e-Mobility

With your trust and strong belief in our solutions, the India International EV Expo 2022 came to a successful conclusion. The show proved to be one of our best opportunities to showcase smarter, more effective, and sustainable laser processing solutions for EV manufacturing and empowering e-mobility.

Laser Experts were ecstatic to see your eagerness and meet the notable entrepreneurs, technocrats, experts, laser enthusiasts, customers, and all the visitors while spotlighting the innovative machines that can accomplish more with less at one of the tremendous shows.

EVIndiaExpo1We have a bunch of solutions accommodating a range of machines for manufacturing EVs, Battery packs, and giving complete assembly line automation in the Automotive industry. These machines remarkably support the most recent business trends and use eco-friendly technologies to build a sustainable future. A variety of systems have been enlisted below to create an ecosystem and develop electric vehicles (EVs) for an all-in-one assembly line solution.


  1. Composite Material Cutting Equipment for cutting the life-savvy airbags with the utmost accuracy
  2. A cutting-edge technology with multiple-axis motion flexibility- a 3D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for efficiently cutting automotive components at intricate dimensions and angles.
  3. Laser Welding Solutions for components of a variety of sizes are suitable for the durable and flawless welding of battery cells, bus bar, bi-metal, battery connectors, and many more applications.
  4. Fiber Laser Marking Machines are excellent for engraving, printing, coding, and traceability impressions that last forever, and leave aesthetic imprints on any surface or car component.
  5. One of the best addition is the Laser Cleaning Machine which can be used to clean battery cells and remove deformations from all metal surfaces.
  6. One of our significant developments aside from lasers for the automotive sector. The technocrats build semi-anechoic chambers to establish a multi-functional test environment for commercial, military, R&D, and automotive testing.
  7. Another one of our important innovations for the automotive industry includes in-house developed Semi-Anechoic Chambers. To create a multifunctional testing environment, our technical experts made these for commercial, military, R&D, and automotive testing purposes.

We are yearning to revolutionize the manufacturing processes in a sustainable manner with the intent of developing the spectacular, light and safest electric vehicles. Thank you for being with us.

Collectively, let’s revitalize the industry.