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Hallmark Fiber

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Ease Of Operation
Ease Of Operation
Economical And Cost Efficient
Economical And Cost Efficient
Effective Cutting
Effective Cutting
Enhanced Yield
Enhanced Yield
Seamless Operations
Seamless Operations

Hallmark Fiber

The Hallmark Fiber, a ground-breaking diamond processing system developed by SLTL Group, has revolutionized the industry with its innovative features. This cutting-edge machine combines advanced technology with industry best practices to provide diamond manufacturers worldwide with an indispensable tool.

The Hallmark Fiber boasts an impressive range of capabilities, including table sawing, crowning, bruting, and cone blocking, all performed with unmatched precision and speed. Its fourth-generation laser processing technology incorporates software for laser beam stability and robotic CNC control, guaranteeing precise and efficient operations.

One of the standout features of the Hallmark Fiber is its ability to fix the diamond rough in a single operation, eliminating the need for multiple handling and reducing the risk of errors. This time-saving and error-reducing capability enhances productivity and minimizes wastage, making it a highly valuable asset for diamond manufacturers seeking to improve profitability.

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Product Description

• Specially designed laser for processing different applications at a single set-up almost negligible breakage rate due to RTLS (Real Time Laser System) Precision laser operation due to stable beam delivery

• Fully automatic system provides better production without high skilled manpower

• Smart intelligence software detects the stone symmetry and accordingly selects the best cutting parameter for the operation Auto frequency

• Single-phase power usage

• Total protection of diamond using peak power control

• The machines are constructed by reputable engineers, ensuring reliability and enabling maximum productivity Precision laser operation due to stable beam delivery

Laser Source Multi Diode Pumped Fiber Laser
Wavelength nm 1064 ± 10
Beam Mode M2 < 1.2
Laser Power watt 20
Laser Class IV
CNC Table mm 120 * 120
Resolution micron ±1
Repeatability micron ±6
Accuracy micron ±5
Drive Type AC SERVO
Z Axis Travel mm 50
Power Supply 1 Phase, 4 Amp
Power Consumption kW 0.7
Operating Environment
Temperature / Humidity °C/RH 20 – 30 / < 60%
Dimension mm 950 * 730 * 1390
Computer System Intel Core i3 based CPU or Higher

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