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11th May 2021
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We believe in developing innovative ideas as well as smarter equipment, and Technology is what has kept us growing.

We believe in developing innovative ideas as well as smarter equipment, and Technology is what has kept us growing. On this technology day let us celebrate all the innovations across multiple disciplines.

What if technology has never surrounded us? Life without technology is a life that we can’t even imagine today.

This question makes us think about our survival without a thing ‘Technology’ we start our day with and even the ending of our routine lives is supported by the same. Today it has become the practical aim of human life, as it is sometimes phrased to be the change and manipulation of the human environment. Technology as a boon to our lives perpetuates coherence for sustainability and as a bane helps us function with its existence.

Irrespective of what field the brand focuses on, if it aims to be broadly recognized then the technology should be adopted with growing advancements constantly. We at SLTL, constantly work on the trend of a new shift in the technological world to grow at a faster pace.
The adoption of technical solutions is growing at a rapid pace due to its multi-tasking abilities across various applications. The continuous motivation to follow the trend has been the vision, mission, and value of SLTL Group. The development of latest applications in different segments such as Industrial Laser, Medical Devices & Equipments, RF & Microwave, Renewable Energy, Diamond Processing and most importantly in Industrial lasers SLTL Group is on a journey of creating a never ending story..

Starting with Lasers, one of the most innovative experiments of the tech world we can state that it is a device that is capable of generating the intense beam of coherent monochromatic light by stimulated emission of photons.

For the Metal forming industry, the zeal for the adoption of laser technology has been highly flexible, productive, and providing a high-quality output in various industrial processing applications. The need, want and demand of lasers is an important aspect of technology-based manufacturing. For the domain of Industrial Laser the most promising innovation that the Group stands for is the invention of the World’s First Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. The company has also been the first to come up with a laser marking system in India. With the fast and forward functionality, the Group has successfully transformed the Metal forming industry with hi-tech solutions and high-end possibilities.

With the Diamond Processing Systems , Laser technology has changed the vision of the diamond cutting sector in the world. Today the maximum finished diamond production is from India and SLTL Group, recognized for providing high-quality diamond processing systems has contributed to it. With the launch of NEBULA- the auto diamond laser inclusion detection system and LOTUS- the advanced laser diamond planning system the company has excelled in core competencies by providing India’s first comprehensive service in the laser manufacturing business. And it’s just because of the adoption of technology that has helped in reducing the span of completion of 1 diamond processing from 8 months to mere 8 days approx. The technology has drastically improved the product quality and quantity of the diamonds both effectively and efficiently.

For the Medical Devices and Equipment, the development of laser technology has been serving with a rapid surge. It finds application in the treatment of dermatology, urology, ophthalmology, and dentistry, etc. the growing demand for aesthetic laser producers in developing countries is anticipated to boost the growth of the laser market in the medical field.  The SLTL Group has been providing such laser equipment for the treatments along with manufacturing cardiac stents and balloon catheters that embody a huge and unique product line of leading-edge technologies since 2007. The products in this sector must be trusted hence, we at SLTL manufactures according to the customer expectation instead of stereotypes focusing on all the guidelines at our medical cleanroom facility.

Amazingly, we have come so far in the field of technology and the sector of RF and Microwave is not an exception. There is no sign of demand for RF and Microwave applications slowing down. At every point in the world including the military, the government is fighting madly to obtain the latest Radiofrequency and Microwave innovation. With excellent ideas and innovations, the company has always served the nation. SLTL Group is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Microwave Absorbers, RADAR Absorbent materials, Shielded Anechoic chambers, and EMI/EMC test ranges for both civil and defense needs. These devices are mostly used by government organizations across the Globe like Italian, France, German Naval and armed forces and Indian Defence Research and Development Organisations (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), leading manufacturers of telecom industry and R&D organizations.

Another main domain of the Group, the domain of Renewable Energy isn’t untouched by technical advancements. The Group is focusing on economic growth without depleting natural resources hence emphasizing extensive exposure in the fields of solar and biomass. Some of the unique product’s categories we offer also includes Parabolic Trough which has allowed making the never-ending energy resources integrate into our lives resulting in saving huge revenue for industrial drying and heating applications. The vision behind building this product was to help society. Right now, the parabolic trough is the most generally utilized innovation all throughout the planet, especially in foreign countries. A parabolic trough is now considered as “developing” innovation.

With its highest relevance to the celebration of technology, the Group also focuses on Hi-Tech Software. The Group focuses on providing one Stop solution from hardware to software, at the same place. The team at SLTL is highly equipped with the knowledge and technical advancements which enable them to follow the trend of current as well as a future market. The machines and all the solutions at SLTL are equipped with the latest technology to keep the industries moving till eternity.

Being a Technology driven company, moving forward with the time and bringing in newer developments to each and every industry is what has kept the group moving forward with time. Hence we can say that technology plays a crucial role in our lives today. SLTL being the core technology-based industry will always have the wings to fly high and with a trusted product line can always contribute to the line of successful leaders in the technology front. We’ve got the vision to deliver with continuous innovation, working in the future, and making India Proud.

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Alex is a marketing manager at SLTL Group with 10+ years of experience in Fiber Laser cutting and welding machines development expert in Robot programming and development of Robotic Laser cutting and welding machines.