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Customer Service: Our Prime Priority

28th May 2020
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Being a customer-driven group, we have tried to utilize all the possible online mediums to convey our services with efficiency and on time.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has entered our lives as a game-changer, bringing a sudden shift in the ways industries used to operate and render it’s services just a few months ago. As a result, productivity has reduced and projects have been delayed. Companies are struggling to find ways to restart their operations and restore their normal working modes.

SLTL Group too had to take some drastic measures on account of the current crisis to make sure that our customers were not left unattended. With our entire workforce working from home, SLTL had been on its toes to serve its clients in every manner possible.

Customer Service SLTL

Being a customer-driven group, we have tried to utilize all the possible online mediums to convey our services with efficiency and on time. During a lockdown, while keeping in mind the guidelines to be followed we continued to provide project consultancy to our clients using the vast knowledge of our industrial laser experts online.

Continuous training and education being highly essential to our success, we also arranged online training sessions to make sure that our people got an uninterrupted sharpening of their skills. By leveraging video conferencing platforms, our executives held meetings whenever needed to keep track of the operations and to make effective decisions for the near future. Our team equipped and trained to provide remote assistance made sure to maintain its presence online so that customers could reach out to us without any inconvenience.

And now at the end of these two months-long lockdown, SLTL Group is ready to open all its on-field services to our customers with greater energy and enthusiasm. Our team is underway to provide services physically like pre-installation support as well as on-field services and installations at doorsteps.

With the advantage of having a good inventory of spare parts at hand, we are able to reach your place before time to solve machine issues as fast as possible. To keep satisfying the aim of minimized replacement cost, our expert team continues to go on the field for component repairing both during and post COVID-19. But the best part of all would be the restoration of our research team.

Our research and development department is the backbone of our success and as long as they keep innovating we are sure to keep serving our customers for a long span of time. Hence post COVID-19 our R&D team is again set to put back its operations to begin developing future innovations and technologies in full swing.

Amongst the uncertain future scenarios, Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd is urgently focused on giving all its services as fast and effectively as possible. We are more than eager to get in contact with our customers and start serving them with the same level of quality that has been there for the last 30 years.

SLTL Family wishes for your safe and healthy living!

Author Bio


Alex is a marketing manager at SLTL Group with 10+ years of experience in Fiber Laser cutting and welding machines development expert in Robot programming and development of Robotic Laser cutting and welding machines.