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Important Safety Measures for Using Fiber Laser Cutting 

11th May 2024
Read Time:5.55 min
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Laser cutting machines are the most innovative and are also considered an asset to various industries. These are groundbreaking systems introduced in cutting technology which requires an advanced approach for its maintenance and care. However, no matter how beneficial they might be, failing to use these laser cutting machines properly might lead to severe harm to the operator and the machine too. To safeguard oneself and the machine from this harm, one must know and be aware of the safety measures to take before using them.

Here are some safety guidelines mentioned that are required to keep in mind while using a fiber laser cutting machine. Let’s delve deep into it.

Important Safety Measures to Keep in Mind

  • It’s Important to know your machine: The most basic and important thing to do is to first go through the maintenance manual for easy understanding of the machine’s chiller, power source, dust collector, and any other part which is connected to fiber laser cutting machine.
  • Keep Eyes safe: Laser beam exposure may result in severe damage to the eyes. These lasers can enter someone’s eyes directly through their pupils. The focus of the laser beam, the area it hits, the amount of energy it uses, and other factors determine how much damage can be caused by this occurrence. The simplest way to avoid this problem is to use Class Four Safety Googles as per the laser safety norms.
  • Keeping it straight: There is no doubt about the flexibility of the fiber optic cable. But it is not meant to be coiled up. The reason is that inside this cable, there is a glass optic that can be easily fractured or broken affecting the performance of your fiber laser cutting machines, if it bends.
  • Proper Training: When operating a laser cutting machine, proper training is essential. In addition to covering the specific procedures and interlocks of the machines, training should also address the general hazards associated with laser cutting. At regular periods, old operators must also complete refresher courses and training modules.
  • Chiller safety: As advised by the manufacturer, it’s important to maintain the chiller correctly by inspecting the fans, the fluid levels inside, and the cleanliness and clarity of the filters. Before turning on the solid-state fiber laser resonator, it is also crucial to make sure the chiller is operating and cooling because a cooling source needs to be present. During regular operation, these fiber laser power sources/resonators produce a significant amount of heat, which needs to be eliminated by the chilling process. If the chiller is not properly maintained, it can lead to costly repairs for a fiber laser machine.
  • Safety doors are important: For the utmost safety of the operator and the surrounding staff, it’s important not to bypass the door locks on the fiber laser machines as this may lead to exposure to fiber laser light directly which can be harmful.
  • Wounds: Sharp edges produced by the machines might result in lacerations and puncture wounds. So, it’s important to take proper care and safety measures while loading and unloading materials on the machine. One is advised to wear industrial safety shoes whose soles are sturdy and can’t be punctured by a nail and with proper protective gear.
  • Confirm that it’s done: Before attempting any kind of maintenance by the operator, it is important to confirm that the fiber laser machine has completed all its motion because sometimes there might be pauses in program like shuttle table motions which might not be visible from the end of operators.


In conclusion, laser cutting machines are powerful tools that can be incredibly beneficial, but they must be treated with utmost care and safety. The safety protocols mentioned above are sincerely followed by SLTL Group which significantly reduces the risk of injury and ensures a safe and productive laser cutting experience. SLTL also believes that safety should never be an afterthought – it should be the foundation of every laser cutting operation. So, keep this in mind and trust SLTL Group for quality machines.

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