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10th Jun 2022
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As technology improves and changes are done at a quick pace, the industry is reaching new heights.

As technology improves and changes are done at a quick pace, the industry is reaching new heights. The future of the industry is IoT-enabled machines, Industry 4.0, and enabling application digitization. Manufacturers are transforming through technological change. How is that happening? Facing the pressure of competition is turning technology to digitize and automate activities. As we celebrate 11th May as National Technological Day, let us know a brief significance behind the commencement of Technological day.

India celebrates the anniversary of the Pokhran nuclear tests of 1998.  That day India became one of the Nuclear power plants. Pokhran nuclear tests were conducted in a series of 5 tests by the Indian Army.  After the successful tests, Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the one who announced it as a National technological day in India.

Each day in the progress of innovations and advancements; technology is getting outdated. It is essential to be updated on adapting new technologies released in the industry. During the most crucial time of the pandemic, technological advancement has been a good help to everyone without age criteria. People are learning, adjusting, and coping with the new world, it is not like the time when they were afraid of the harm; technology might do to their families or children.

The technological day is not a day for scientists or engineers but; anyone who is connected to ideas, innovation, and exploring knowledge is appreciated on this day. The key objective of this year’s theme is to promote a sustainable future by integrating science and technology in various fields. When we take a look at fast-moving technology evolution, we even think about technology as the latest innovation.

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Using an old tool is like traveling behind the time. As we ignore that technology is a way of shortcut to any task. One of the greatest inventions in the earlier days has been “Laser” technology. A laser is a device that produces light via an optical amplification process based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic energy. Theodore H. Maiman of Hughes Research Laboratories created the first laser in 1960, based on theoretical work by Charles Hard Townes and Arthur Leonard Schawlow. The laser was used as a means of cutting extremely strong and thick materials.

SLTL is striving its way to become a pioneer in the field of Laser Technology. Under the valuable presence and guidance of our Founder CMD Dr Arvind Patel, SLTL started with a vision to advance its way towards Laser Technology. In the year 1992, India witnessed its very first Laser Diamond Sawing System and it was introduced by the SLTL Group. Since then, every step of SLTL was towards technological advancement.

Rooted in innovations, the team works on bringing new solutions every year befitting the growing needs of the industries. The group operates its subsidiaries in 6 verticals today and with In house- DSIR Approved R&D Facility these the company is growing multi-folds. With more than 15000 successful installations and a global footprint in over 40 countries in the mere span of 33 years, they have been felicitated with 27 awards and recorded 25 patents for innovative solutions.

At SLTL, every research and development practice are way leading to technological enhancement. The introduction of the World’s First Fiber Laser Machine could be considered one such breakthrough. The objective of the Group is to provide the latest technology to every small- and large-scale industry.

With technological advancements and a key understanding of the markets; we have explored and ingrained into multiple disciplines across the spectrum which are Laser Cutting, Laser Marking, Welding, Micro Machining, Solar Cell Scribing/ Cutting, Hardening, Cladding, and other laser applications. We have explored all of these mentioned domains keeping Laser at the centre of our deliverable.

As the technology expanded, we now have various types of lasers that are used in different industries like Gems & Jewellery, Medical Devices and Equipment, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Furniture, Agriculture Industry, Automobiles & Auto Ancillaries, Utensils & Kitchenware Industry, Fitness Equipment industry, Clean Room Facility, Electric Panel Manufacturers, Elevator/ Escalator Industry, Ducts/HVAC, Ship Building & Railways, Pharmaceutical Industry, Dairy Industry / Food Processing Equipments, Transport Industry, Engineering & Machinery Manufacturing, Vending Machine, Interior, Construction, Mining Industry, FMCG, FMCD, Metal Signage Industry, Defence & Aerospace, EVs.

Technology is driven by people’s minds, and moving forward with the world brings new developments to every industry. Laser technology is the appropriate converting solution when you need just-in-time manufacturing. Clean lines and exact details on your finished items are ensured by machines with this capability, increasing the precision of your total production. If you’re already converting components from Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, GI, CRC, HRC, Aluminum, Brass, Copper and other materials, laser cutting might be a good option.

Over the last decade, lasers have gotten bigger and smaller, as well as more powerful and less expensive. Fiber laser is a way greener technology in comparison with CO2 lasers or the conventional processes of Cutting applications. These are also, more time-efficient and can process more accurately. Many sections of laser machines use are used in building software, hardware, and appliances and making jobs easier in a faster way with high productivity. As the year passes manufacturers are finding different ways in which they can develop the machine into various advanced features in which it could do operations easy.

Nowadays, the Defence and Space sector uses laser machines in building weapons and Space crafts for research and development. It also examines advances in the field of surveillance laser communications, including previous state-of-the-art, as well as ongoing scientific research and improvements in the domain of high-energy directed laser weapons, which have transformed the military battlefield.

To win over other competitors R&D team find an innovative way to compete with other manufacturers by turning to create more advanced technology to solve customer difficulties and safety. We at SLTL continuously keep working towards the betterment of technology and utilizing it efficiently.

Innovation has always affected society, and the Group is always raising new bars of technology. The SLTL Group is proud to have collaborated with ISRO-SAC to successfully create a satellite antenna for RISAT – 1, as well as contribute to developing various INS.  The technocrats have developed high-tech medical devices that are accessible to the general public.  Keeping up the humanitarian work, during the covid-19 and to combat disease, SLTL GROUP created the Pran-Saiyam, an indigenous in house developed high-end ICU ventilator.

Keeping up with the technology, the latest advancement includes the development of the first 3D Dynamic Beam Laser cutting and welding machine using Coherent Beam. This 14 kW laser machine can capably perform Laser Cutting and Welding applications in a single system. This project will create a complete end-to-end system with dynamic beam shaping lasers.

Looking after a sustainable future and concentrating on curbing the current energy crisis, technology experts have been developing a decentralized biogas energy solution. This invention relates to a method to generate biofuel from radiant energy – agricultural biomass or industrial bio-waste. This technology will lead to instant pure biogas access from agricultural waste, industrial waste and even cellulose. This will result in empowering farmers by making agriculture viable and energy affordable to people. For this project, have already received a patent.

In addition, we cannot forget robotic applications and shop floor automation, which are the newest developments in the metal forming business, while addressing the future. Robotic automation is the industry’s future because of its flexibility to do 3D applications, with its quick mobility and high-quality output. Robots can readily process the work in no time furthermore, by working freely on the program. We have created and developed robotic systems for a variety of applications such as cutting, welding, and many others for achieving higher quality output with less gas consumption.

With an international presence in over 40 countries, the futuristic solutions in all the verticals of SLTL Group are thriving and taking the Nation to newer heights. Not only in India but also in other countries the solutions provided by SLTL Group are praiseworthy. Being an Indian company giving stiff competition to international giants and affirmative response from the clientele is what has always been a motivating factor for the Group.

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