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Let’s take the first Step to beat this Microscopic Malice

21st Mar 2020
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A situation we must face with utmost care and precautions to reduce risk to self and anyone else in the same environment.

SLTL (Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.) is an innovation driven group of companies, with its in-house R&D expertise. It caters to the need of various industries. Taking into consideration recent global events; i.e. the unfortunate and volatile spread of COVID-19, also recognized as the Corona Virus. We as a company is issuing a health and safety notice to help avoid further spread of this blight, by establishing healthier practices as instructed by medical experts. We want to ensure a safer work environment; which will ultimately contribute to keeping our community and country safer, while planting us a step closer to warding off this pandemic. This is merely a Public Service Announcement and should not be taken as professional medical advice, for it is written purely for spreading awareness. We are not qualified to diagnose or prevent the disease, so please visit your local physicians and doctors for in-depth details. Any feedback and questions will be appreciated.

Corona VIrus COvid 19

Cautionary Steps to be taken as advised by authorities:

All,  Our Country recently reported a few positive cases of the COVID-19 dubbed the Corona Virus in the past week. The patients have been claimed to be quarantined and under treatment. A situation we must face with utmost care and precautions to reduce risk to self and anyone else in the same environment.

Steps to avoid possible infection:

  1. Sanitize, wash and dry your hands as frequently as possible; especially after handling equipment or touching surfaces that is meant to be used by many. Have Liquid Soap Dispensers and Sanitizers in every Wash/Restroom areas. Kindly utilize the services!
  2. Wearing a medical mask to cover the Mouth and Nose is advised to minimize the risk of contracting the virus; especially if commuting via public transport.
  3. Try your best to avoid handshakes as a greeting. A simple tried and true “Namaste!” or “Hello!” etc. will speak volumes as well.
  4. Avoid attending large gatherings such as the Shopping Malls/ Centers, Markets, public events etc. unless a necessity.
  5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth without sanitizing your hands.
  6. If you contract any of the symptoms of common cold or influenza, we humbly request and strictly advise to get a health check up. Take off work or work from home until you recover to a 100%.

Common Items and surfaces frequently used and should be cleaned every few hours; a cleaning initiative!

  1. Door Handles of any and all areas.
  2. Water cooler, Utensils, Printers, desk stationary, computer peripherals, any and all Machinery, etc.
  3. Landlines and their receivers.
  4. Electrical switches and boards.

Any other steps will and shall be implemented to further reduce the risk of contamination.

Our approach to prevent COVID-19 as SLTL family and community:

We as an international company, engage with significant amount of foreign delegation and clientele. So it is of utmost importance that we engage in a healthier approach to an even healthier work environment. So we at SLTL (Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.) have deemed it mandatory to help our employees and our customers feel safe and secure in the place of business.

Steps our employees have already taken to ensure safety:

  1. We have ensured the use of sanitizers and in all sections of our company grounds, especially our reception. All washrooms are equipped with Liquid Soap dispensers to make sure that all our employees and visitors have access to cleanliness products.
  2. The door handles of any and all work areas are disinfected by the janitorial staff.
  3. We have advised all our staff members and even clients to greet each other with a “Namaste” and avoid any and all physical contact.
  4. We are closely monitoring our staff and if anyone seems to be under the weather, we have advised a leave of absence to ensure they recover while helping us restrict spreading any infection.
  5. We have ensured an on call physician and even emergency services to examine possible staff members or even visitors if they feel ill, severe or mild!
  6. All the candidates are asked before attending an interview if they are feeling ill to further ensure the safety of our work environment while providing a rescheduling opportunity to said candidates.
  7. We make a daily checklist of sanitary items needed in case of shortages.

Appointed Team is constantly working with our HR department to overcome any possible shortcomings from our side. Our goal is to keep everyone safe at work and ultimately help the community by ensuring we don’t contribute the spread of the infection.

Thank you for reading through our initiative to help in the betterment of our community, our nation and ultimately the world. We wish your health, wealth and prosperity!


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Author Bio


Alex is a marketing manager at SLTL Group with 10+ years of experience in Fiber Laser cutting and welding machines development expert in Robot programming and development of Robotic Laser cutting and welding machines.