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Machauto Expo 2018 – Ludhiana

28th Feb 2019
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The trade was a mainstream attraction for OEM and prominent automobile manufacturers from all across the globe.

After 3 successful days of MachAuto 2019, Ludhiana, 2019, the trade fair concluded on 25 February 2019. The trade was a mainstream attraction for OEM and prominent automobile manufacturers from all across the globe. All of the auto industry, tooltech industry, and metal forming industry put together the latest technology on display.
At MachAuto 2019, SLTL Group presented flagship laser marking machine called NEO. It is one of the most portable machines available in the market. The machine is capable of producing magnificent marking operations. The company’s in-house R&D team has conducted several tests to make NEO more versatile for the ease of use to the customer.

The international interest was also reflected on our booth and we had a lot of good conversations, which are positive for SLTL Group’s future perspectives. Our Laser Experts were indulged in productive knowledge sharing conversations with business leaders. Over the span of 3 days in the trade, our team displayed the strength of futuristic laser systems and discussed tremendous business opportunities with industrialists.

With a promising conclusion of the trade fair for SLTL Group, the visitors also explored the possibilities to visit the largest Laser manufacturing plant of India at Group’s headquarters in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. In the coming days, the company is looking for more successful participation at the forthcoming trade fair, BlechIndia at Mumbai.

If you have missed a chance to meet Laser Experts at Ludhiana, prebook your meeting to meet them at BlechIndia. To register your meeting, click here.

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Alex is a marketing manager at SLTL Group with 10+ years of experience in Fiber Laser cutting and welding machines development expert in Robot programming and development of Robotic Laser cutting and welding machines.

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