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08th Jun 2022
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  • Auto expo

SLTL Group displayed industry-leading laser solutions

Mach Auto expo 2022 has been no less than a major success for SLTL Group.

The Laser Experts enjoyed building relationships with business leaders and tech enthusiasts. Mach Auto exhibition held at Ludhiana from 11th March 2022 to 14th March 2022, was focused on sheet metal solutions. At the expo, SLTL Group displayed industry-leading laser solutions and groundbreaking innovations.

The expo was a great opportunity for the team to meet its existing customers and make new connections in the area and receive insights into their business and feedback on the technology.

SLTL’s core technology was involved in transforming the whole operation of the industry. The company has built in the technology that is pushing the industry for growth. With the help of the company’s in-house R&D team which is approved by DSIR, the SLTL Group has been able to present innovation over the course of many years.

The company showcased Prime from its high power Laser Cutting series called Brahmastra. Also, on the display was Neo; a portable Laser Marking solution.

Overall, it was a productive fair that stands by its promise of making the industry more robust and productive. Team SLTL has and will always keep innovating and bringing more advanced technology to the industry.

The Mach Auto exhibition concluded on a high note. These four days have been a huge success; with Laser Experts demonstrating, discussing new ideas, possibilities and much more as well as forming new connections with the visitors. The number of visitors was higher compared to previous years and people from industrialists to young tech enthusiasts visited the SLTL booth for discussions on future possibilities It feels great to see that everyone is moving towards technology, and want to upgrade their systems from traditional methods.

Talking about future possibilities, team SLTL is all geared up to see you all in June 2022 at Intech, Coimbatore with robust solutions suiting your industrial needs.