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Innovations Unveiled: SLTL’s Spectacular Open House 2023

22nd Oct 2023
Read Time:3.46 min
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From Fiber Lasers to IoT Integration: Unveiling the Pinnacle of Laser Technology Advancements at SLTL Open House 2023

Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited (SLTL Group), a pioneer in laser technology, opened its doors for an exciting gathering of experts and industrial leaders at the SLTL Open House 2023. The SLTL Headquarters was all set with an excitement as attendees immersed themselves in a world of innovation and cutting-edge advancements.

A thorough presentation of SLTL Group’s amazing journey in the production of laser-cutting machines was given to all the attendees. The event officially began on 17th Oct, 2023 and the SLTL Tech Center was transformed into a hub for technological exploration and knowledge exchange where the futuristic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine; Vector and X5 were on display.

Guided tours of the Headquarters, Technology Center, Manufacturing Unit, Fabrication and Medical Unit of the SLTL Group were the key interest sections of the event. One of the day’s most significant events was the introduction of the official launch of SLTL’s first laser-cutting machine, a revolutionary invention that positioned the business for future success. The creation of this innovative device in 2003 marked a turning point in SLTL’s history.
Alongside the tour guides also demonstrated innovative solutions, from all the 6 divisions. Symbolizing the SLTL’s commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions, the technocrats developed and launched innovative solutions to revolutionize the production processes. Attendees had the unique chance to explore Industrial Lasers, Gems & Jewellery, Medical Devices, RF & Microwave, Renewable Energy and Hi-tech Software Solutions.
As the day unfolded, industrial leaders and experts engaged in insightful discussions, knowledge-sharing sessions by industry and academia experts, global networking and insightful discussions on industry trends. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as attendees witnessed the technology on display integrated with IoT, Industry 4.0, AI, ANN, machine learning and recent advancements in machine software by the SLTL Experts.

Attendees were treated to demonstrations of the latest advancements, providing a sneak peek into the next generation of laser solutions. Starting from high-power laser cutting machines to marking, welding, cleaning, 5-axis and Robotic applications along with the demonstration of special-purpose machines; industrial lasers were on display to be explored by visitors from all walks of life. For the Gems & Jewellery industry, remarkable lasers process precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and more to achieve the finest results at minimized material loss. Not just this, the SLTL Group has also demonstrated solutions to grow lab-grown diamonds and process both CVD as well as natural diamond rough to transform them into polished diamonds.
We’re excited about the future of laser technology, and we look forward to collaborating with all our esteemed attendees and partners once again. Thank you for being a part of this remarkable event, and we can’t wait to host you in the near future for more exciting discussions and groundbreaking discoveries.