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11th May 2021
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  • mix of a passion for innovation
  • Industrial lasers
  • Gems & Jewellery
  • Medical Devices
  • RF & Microwave
  • Renewable Energy

With the intervention of technology SLTL Group has led the way through futuristic solutions and taken the National legacy to foreign land

Being a technology oriented company, SLTL Group has transformed the industries with newer innovations. With the intervention of technology SLTL Group has led the way through futuristic solutions and taken the National legacy to foreign land. The Group is glad to serve the Indian Govt. as well as fortune 500 companies along with quite an impressive customer base across the globe.

As the People of the 21st Century are breathing the technology in and out. As a citizen of the community and as a Country, we are evolving day by day.

We can also interpret above lines in the literary sense as “In the Sky of Technology, Clouds of Innovation are Floating”.

11th May celebrated as National Technology Day. Have you ever thought about why it is celebrated on 11th May and not on any other day? Let’s discuss the significance of this day with some facts:

  • On the same day, in 1998, India successfully test-fired the Shakti-I nuclear missile at the Indian army’s Pokhran test range in Rajasthan in an operation led by aerospace engineer and late president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • Two days later, the country successfully tested two more nuclear weapons as a part of the same Pokhran-II /operation shakti initiative.
  • After these tests, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee declared India as a nuclear state, making it the sixth country to join the ‘Nuclear club’ of the nation.
  • India on this day tested its first indigenous aircraft ‘Hansa-3’ which flew from Bengaluru.

In this era of innovation and creativity, technology has played a vital yet dominant role in everyone’s life. There could be many different definitions for technology to individuals, its dynamic nature changes perspective for technology day by day. With new tech trends being announced every quarter and information becoming outdated as technology progresses, it has now become a responsibility to stay relevant and learn about the newest technologies. It is not just putting science to work but it’s far ahead of that.

It is important, not only for the industries but also for human beings. Technology has made our lives so much easier that we are completely dependent on that. It is because of the technology that we are able to communicate with our friends and family and we can keep them posted about all the highs and lows of our lives. During the time of Covid-19 Crisis, it was only because of technology that we were able to cope up with our work; meetings were held online, live demo, remote assistance and online support has now become new normal.

“It is not that we use technology, we live technology”. The quote is rightly said by Godfrey Reggio.

Take a glance around you, how technology has touched your surroundings. Maybe the next time you get the chance to ponder and look around, the whole world would be revolving around it. SLTL as a brand entrusts to be the ambassador of technology and aid in the early adoption of innovation which is trustworthy for value creation.

What Technology is for SLTL?

The definition of technology in SLTL connotes their work and products manufactured. A simple mix of a passion for innovation and excellence of the team gives the actual meaning of what technology is meant for the Group.
In SLTL the technology is not just adopting the available and processing it through, but they make it happen from their efforts in different fields of Industrial lasers, Gems & Jewellery, Medical Devices & Equipments, RF & Microwave, Renewable Energy and Software Solutions. By making the solutions more lucrative, precise, and future resilient, the Group made these solutions accessible to a wide range of Industries.


  • The Group offers laser technology to the unit which is used in a variety of industries. In certain cases, a laser is needed, and it has even changed the world.
  • Innovation has always had an effect on society, and the Group is one that is always raising new concerns about technology. The SLTL Group is proud to have collaborated with ISRO-SAC to successfully create a satellite antenna for RISAT – 1, as well as contribute to develop various INS.

  • Has advanced the contribution to the RISAT – 1 satellite, which will be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have developed high-tech medical devices that are accessible to the general public.
  • Keeping up the humanitarian work, during the covid-19 and to combat disease, SLTL GROUP created the Pran-Saiyam, an indigenous high-end ICU ventilator. This has aided many people during times when ventilators were desperately needed. While conventional ventilators are expensive, difficult to produce, and not portable, SLTL’s Pran-Saiyam assisted in alleviating the ventilator shortage when India experienced a surge in Covid 19 cases.
  • With international presence in over 30 countries the futuristic solutions in all the verticals of SLTL Group are thriving and taking the Nation to newer heights. Not only in India but also for other countries the solutions provided by SLTL Group are praiseworthy. Being an Indian company giving stiff competition to international giants and affirmative response from the clientele is what has always been a motivating factor for the Group.

It’s not just about the SLTL Group; technology is the root and core behind the growth of any and every organization or even a human being. Hence, the day to celebrate this backbone is a must to be grateful for all that we have earned and all that we will achieve in the future.

Author Bio

Marketing manager

Sam is the marketing manager at SLTL Group having more than ten years of expertise in the industry. While being associated with the Group, he has ingrained knowledge about the programming and development of laser solutions like Fiber Laser cutting, marking, cleaning, welding, hardening, cladding, annealing, and micro-machining solutions, as well as hands-on experience in robotics and automation. Not just this, being a technology-driven company, SLTL strongly emphasizes advancing the systems with IoT, Industry 4.0, AI, ANN and other special purpose machines for equipping smarter factories.