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Technology: The Solicitous Custodian of Our Tomorrow

11th May 2020
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Technology is the fathomless oil reserve to every alternative competency of tomorrow. We at SLTL practice constant research for its wise utilization.

Technology is the fathomless oil reserve to every alternative competency of tomorrow. We at SLTL practice constant research for its wise utilization.

A moment of the realization will acquaint an individual to his being in an incognizant harmony with technology, more than that with nature. Technology as a boon to our lives perpetuates coherence for sustainability and as a bane is in existence. It is defined as the practical application of knowledge and its etymology incorporates a systematic method of performance. Irrespective of the field of study, technology has the sense to each of them and is associated with advancement in them. For a brand to be widely accepted, it has to associate itself with the feeling of delight and at the same moment not disassociate with other feelings that complete the system of essentials. The same is indeed true for technology.


SLTL Group at its core and by virtue of beliefs that are a heritage from top management is a technology-driven company. On one hand, our product offerings serve the traditional manufacturing processes in the field of metals, diamonds, and jewelry with contemporary technology to enable subtle refinement in output. And on another hand, our product offerings in the field of medical, RF microwave, renewable energy, and hi-tech software that are used for sophisticated purposes, are the epitome of reliability.

Innovation has the capability to change the semantics of disruption and empower it with a positive connotation. With that zeal to transform the manufacturing industry, we innovated Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for sheet metal application for the first time in the world and introduced a laser marking system in India. For constant motivation to innovate we have included it in our vision statement. Fostering SLTL Group as an ardent visionary of technology Dr. Arvind Patel, Chief Managing Director, became the only Indian invited to present at 4th International Symposium, St. Petersburgh, Russia on High Power Fiber Laser and it’s applications, which were unknown at the time. The group has been awarded for outstanding performance in innovation in technology in the MSME category for the year 2009. The title has embellished our recognition of preeminence in quality products.

SLTL group concentrate analogous efforts to innovate and towards excellence in technology. In order to compete in the global market and equipping the Indian diamond industry with advanced diamond processing systems, we launched NEBULA- the auto diamond inclusion detection system and LOTUS- the advanced diamond planning system. We extend our focus to empower our clients so they excel in their core competencies by providing India’s first comprehensive service in the Laser manufacturing business, We Care. The National Accolades awarded to our company for Excellence in Electronics by Department of Information and Technology and for successful commercialization of laser systems developed through in-house R&D by DST, are an assurance of time boundless value addition to our clients and corroboration of value the proposition to prospects.

Not only our customer value proposition but also our promise in every initiative we represent is to transform the environment into a smarter facility. To assist cooperatively low educated labor in the diamond industry, we introduced Laser Sawing Machine with Auto-focusing and Speaking features. The culture of SLTL esteems the custom of contributing to nation growth, established by our respected CMD and former ISRO scientist. We are proud to have designed and manufactured cutting edge antenna technology for ISRO’s RISAT-1 satellite that transformed radar imaging satellite technology by enabling all-weather condition optimum processing. We believe, the opportunity to have received approval to establish an in-house development facility for research and application of satellite components, as a tribute to the roots of the company. Fortunate to have the ability, today we stand affirmative in combating Covid-19 with our indigenous high-end ICU Ventilator named ‘PranSaiyam’ with a hope that it will be invaluable in the early recovery stages of the illness.

It is quintessential for an innovation to be sponsored by a strong brand. Our brand image pronounces our promises ‘Passion for innovation’ and ‘Excellence in technology’. This brand equity procured over two decades of persistent customer delight assist us to continue our reign as the choice provider of laser technology. We behold the ET Best Brand Award as an honor to the commitment of SLTL Group to its purpose since inception. SLTL is a brand entrust to be the ambassador of technology and aid in the early adoption of innovation which is trustworthy for value creation.

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Alex is a marketing manager at SLTL Group with 10+ years of experience in Fiber Laser cutting and welding machines development expert in Robot programming and development of Robotic Laser cutting and welding machines.