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The SLTL Group wishes a Happy Girl Child Day to all of our loving daughters and offers some advice

24th Jan 2022
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Even till today, the girl child in the world encounters several social, emotional, and physical problems.

Even till today, the girl child in the world encounters several social, emotional, and physical problems. Team SLTL Medical offers ten tips to help you parent your daughter while preserving her sense of self as she makes her way through life.

1.    Initiate a healthy diet: You won’t have as much influence over what your kid eats as she gets older. She must learn to make her own healthy eating choices. Encourage her to consume a wide range of healthy meals, minimise processed and quick foods, and eat in moderation. Sugary beverages, such as soda and juice, should be avoided in favour of water or unsweetened tea. However, you don’t want her to feel deprived, as this might develop into a negative attitude about eating. She can splurge now and then if she makes wise decisions most of the time.

2.    Encourage regular exercise: According to experts, children and adolescents should exercise for at least one hour each day to be healthy. This may seem excessive, but your daughter is most likely receiving exercise at school—either in PE or at recess—so it counts. Encourage your daughter to participate in extracurricular physical activities like walking, jogging, gymnastics, softball, soccer, horseback riding, or dancing and emphasize outdoor games to keep her active throughout the day.

3.    Identify stress warning signs: Girls face a lot of pressure to succeed in school, in sports, and to be popular. The tension may become too much at times. Your child may have too much on her plate if she appears melancholy, worried, angry, or grumpy. Physical issues, such as insomnia, allergic responses, recurrent headaches, stomach aches, or chest discomfort, can all be caused by stress. Assist your daughter in learning to cope with stress. If she continues to feel overwhelmed, she should seek support from a counsellor or therapist to guide her in a better way.

4.    Talk (and listen) to your daughter: Encourage conversation before your daughter reaches the age of adolescence. Make yourself available so she can talk to you and express her views and worries. Be a good listener and be receptive to her ideas when she speaks to you and instead of bounding her up, try to understand and reciprocate accordingly. Try a familiar approach and know your daughter’s pals. Make it clear to your daughter that she can always come to you for guidance or assistance, no matter what.

5.    Make sure she gets enough sleep: To look and feel her best, your daughter needs to get some rest. Sleep might also help her avoid health issues like obesity and despair. How much is sufficient? Preteen girls should get at least 10 to 11 hours of sleep every night. In the evenings, most females are extremely awake, and in the mornings, they are exhausted. Encourage your daughter to be aware of her sleep requirements and to sleep in as much as possible. Together, work on their sleep schedule and guide them about the importance of the same.

6.    Continue yearly health exams: Just like any other person, the girl child’s medical and health examinations should be emphasized and your daughter must continue to get annual physical examinations. The doctor will examine her for normal growth and development, as well as assess her eyesight, hearing and treat any health issues (if prevailing) that neither of you has addressed. These health checkups will also ensure that she is up to date on the vaccines, which is critical for her health. Ascertain that your daughter is at ease with her doctor to maintain open lines of communication.

7.    Have “the talk.”: She should acquire the facts from her parents rather than her friends or the Internet, so she can make an informed decision. Many discussions may be unpleasant, but they are necessary for her wellbeing so try to open up and make her feel comfortable to discuss anything and everything related to or bothering her. According to research, teens who discuss the topics with their parents freely, are more likely to make safer and more wise decisions in life.

8.    Be internet and smartphone savvy: You can help your daughter be safe online by teaching her about potential threats and how to avoid them. Children may not comprehend that any information, texts, or images they publish online or on their phones is permanent, even if they remove them. You can use software to keep track of her activities online and prohibit her from viewing specific websites. However, make sure your daughter understands that if something in cyberspace makes her feel uncomfortable or terrified, she should immediately inform you or another adult also mentor them about cyberbullying.

9.    Stand up to bullies”: Bullying isn’t a natural part of growing up, and it’s not necessarily the fault of guys. Encourage your daughter to talk to you or another trusted adult if she is being bullied or has observed others being bullied. Let her know you’re here for her and that you understand her concerns. Roleplay ignoring the bully, walking away, or telling the bully to stop forcefully and decisively. If the bully persists, a parent, teacher, or another responsible adult should intervene. Interact with your daughter frequently to check how she’s doing and intervene if required.

10.  Teach your daughter to value her unique self: Girls are inundated with pictures in the media of pixie-thin women with airbrushed bodies and facial traits. This is how women should appear, according to the message. As a result, many young women feel insecure. Teach your daughter to cherish her personality, inner attractiveness, and appearance. And model it for her in your actions and lifestyle. This can do wonders for her self-confidence and will serve her well throughout life.

You are a role model for your daughter.

It’s true, no matter how much she tries to deny it. Leading by example is one of the most essential things you can do to raise a healthy and happy daughter. To ensure that your child eats healthy, exercise, and respect herself and others, you must do the same as; “Parents teach their children”. Be the finest role model you can be, and you’ll come out with a solid bond with your adult daughter post these practicing years.

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Alex is a marketing manager at SLTL Group with 10+ years of experience in Fiber Laser cutting and welding machines development expert in Robot programming and development of Robotic Laser cutting and welding machines.