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World Strokes Day – Everything you need to know about Strokes

26th Oct 2019
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A stroke is a brain attack, cutting off vital blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

The brain is a vital part of the Human Body. It is the most important and complex organ of the Human Body. It controls and coordinates our voluntary and involuntary actions. Any harm to our Brain can cause severe outcomes including many wide known diseases such as Paralysis, Depression, Behavioural Changes, and many others.
Today, on the World Strokes Day we are going to make an important point of conversation, i.e. Strokes. At the end of this article, we aim to educate our readers on types of strokes, some popular causes, and effective means to prevent it.

World Strokes Day


A stroke is a brain attack, cutting off vital blood flow and oxygen to the brain. A stroke happens when a blood vessel feeding the brain gets clogged or bursts which in turn leads to the death of the brain cells.

What Causes Stroke?

A stroke is usually caused by a blocked artery or a bursting blood vessel that interrupts the Blood Supply to the Brain resulting in Strokes. This results in an ineffective supply of oxygen to the brain via hemoglobin thus resulting in improper functioning of usual brain commands. Henceforth, disturbing the functioning of body and body parts.

Types of Strokes

There are several types of strokes. One thing to keep in mind is not all strokes are life-threatening and all strokes should be immediately reported to the doctor. Here are some types:

1. Ischemic Stroke: Ischemic stroke occurs when the arteries which supply blood to the brain become narrowed or blocked resulting in reduced blood flow.

2. Hemorrhagic Stroke: This kind of stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain breaks down or leaks causing the damage in the Brain Cells.

3. Transient Ischemic Stroke: This stroke is also known as Mini- Stroke as it is a temporary decrease in the Blood Supply to the parts of the brain due to a clot or debris.

Warning Sign of Strokes

The initial phase of the strokes does show some signs of improper functioning of your regular day to day activities. Some of the common dysfunctioning are listed below. If you find any of these happening with you, consider visiting a doctor immediately.

1. Speech: You may face difficulty in speaking and you may slur your words.
2. Paralysis: You may face difficulty in movement of your arms, hands and legs. You may feel numbness in one side of the body.
3. Vision: You may have difficulty in seeing. Your vision either gets blackened or blurred.
4. Trouble walking: You may lose a lack of balance and stumble. You may also experience dizziness.
5. Headache: You may experience severe headaches and vomiting.

What Factors can add a risk of Stroke?

There are several factors that lead to the cause of stroke. Knowing about some of these might help you address the issue.

1. Obesity
2. Heavy Drinking
3. Extensive use of Drugs
4. High Blood Pressure (120/80)
5. Cigarette Smoking
6. Diabetes
7. High Cholesterol Level
8. Heredity
9. Cardiovascular Disease
10. Heart Infections

What can happen after Stroke?

A stroke can cause temporary or permanent disabilities, depending on how much time the parts of the brain were deprived of the supply of Blood.

1. Memory Loss
2. Paralysis
3. Depression
4. Numbness
5. Behavioral Changes
6. Problems in talking

How can you Prevent Strokes?

Though strokes give very little time to react before it affects us, it can be prevented with some of these simple habits.

1. Controlling High Blood Pressure: Practice meditation, yoga and nurture simple stress-relieving habits.
2. Fewer Intakes of Cholesterol and Fats: Eating healthy and making conscious choices for diet is one of the simplest steps to prevent strokes.
3. Quit Tobacco: As simple as it gets, Quit It! There is no bigger risk to strokes than that of tobacco.
4. Gain Control on Diabetes: Cut out your sugar intake. Take action by controlling soft drink intake.
5. Exercise Regularly: Do it regularly, even a small 10-15 walk a day will drastically reduce the rate of a stroke. Exercising regularly not only keeps your body fit but also keeps your mind refreshing.
6. Maintain Healthy Diet: Try to include food which consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts. This will help you feel healthy and cut cholesterol and fat from your body.
7. Cut out on Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol causes brain damage on temporary and long term.
On this World Stroke Day, SLTL Group – Medical Division promises to keep your heart healthy and lives happily by developing reliable medical devices. We will continue to build technologies that keeps us free from risks endangering our lives.

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Alex is a marketing manager at SLTL Group with 10+ years of experience in Fiber Laser cutting and welding machines development expert in Robot programming and development of Robotic Laser cutting and welding machines.