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Building an Ecosystem with Lasers Thriving the Automotive and Automobiles in a Sustainable Way

30th Aug 2022
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Laser technology is revolutionizing and making the automotive sector more sustainable.

Do you think the world is going to be a better place next year? In the next decade? Yes, it can be! With you, with me, with all of us, switching to sustainable solutions for our daily needs and following global goals, we can contribute to the development of the world.

Laser technology is revolutionizing and making the automotive sector more sustainable. Lasers are utilized to make a lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicle with lower emissions. Laser-based manufacturing processes are also minimizing the cost of automobiles. This is because lasers can cut production costs by reducing the amount of material waste. It contributes to the development of cleaner, more efficient automobiles that are more inexpensive to customers.



Displaying their strengths, our team works round the clock to be ahead of time. To provide safer and better driving equipment for the automotive industry Laser experts have domestically produced smart laser systems. Starting with the first composite material cutting equipment in India for cutting airbags, we have also developed a futuristic system with multiple axes movement for precision cutting of the complex shapes and angles of the automotive components utilizing a Fiber Laser Cutting Technology.

SLTL- the world’s first manufacturer of Fiber Laser Cutting system has developed a technologically advanced system with an all-new upgraded software system integrated with IoT and tailored to the automobile and automotive industry’s unique demands. The latest addition of welding for battery cells, motors, and other items is being handled by laser specialists that remarkably meet industry standards. These intelligent solutions are compatible with robust, smooth welding connections that are appropriate for the automotive sector and EVs.

Encouraging e-mobility To create a sustainable future, support the latest trends in the industry and adopt environment-friendly technologies. Make a wise choice and opt for the most powerful machines while conserving the ozone layer, allowing greener technologies for the automotive sector.  Dr Arvind Patel CMD – SLTL Group

Fiber Laser Marking machines are among the greatest ways to leave aesthetic imprints on any surface or component of automobiles, and they are perfect for engraving, printing, coding, and traceability imprints that endure forever. For the range of sustainability solutions, one of the best addition additions is the laser cleaning machine, which is best suited for cleaning battery cells and removing them from almost all metal surfaces. And not just this, the technocrats have developed indigenous EMI/EMC shielding & testing of Automotive.

SLTL Lasers are powering automotive industries with their sustainable solutions for a diversified range of applications. Advanced laser technology delivers high-speed precision while at the same time safeguarding the environment.

Seamless weld and strengthened joints with futuristic laser Welding machines




Laser welding is one of the most efficient methods for achieving extraordinary strength with flawless joints and functions superbly to get the necessary outcomes for automobiles. And not just this, with the futuristic possibilities, these power-packed machines can weld batteries of different shapes and sizes suitable for bus bar welding, bi-metal welding, car motor and battery welding, battery connectors and many more.


Ergonomic Laser Cutting Machine for redefined perfection is best suited to create lightweight vehicles




Laser cutting, one of the most acknowledged applications globally is the perfect solution for the accurate cutting of materials like Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper and other such textured and coated metal components. These robust machines are designed to process materials with 2D, 3D, 5D, robotics and other automation solutions. Providing a one-stop solution to industrialists is advantageous in terms of productivity and accuracy along with a possibility for automation and upgrades in future.

With its quick mobility and high-quality output, Robots can readily process the work in no time by working freely on the programme. The machine is built to cut metals magnificently, and the high-tech software enables real-time optimization of the entire production process to collect data and generate operational and performance insights, resulting in increased productivity.

Laser cleaning machines are ergonomically designed for the finest cleaning of all the deformations and contaminations


An ergonomic laser cleaning device enables correct cleaning of automotives and even the vehicle battery poles to eliminate even a 1% discrepancy that may lead to significant recalls. For all automotive components, including the frame, structure, car body, and even the bonnet of the vehicles, locally produced fiber laser cutting machines offer the accuracy needed to assure consistent cut quality and avoid performance issues.


Laser marking machine imprints aesthetic impressions for traceability and branding


The supersonic lasers may also be used to mark or engrave; logos for branding, batch number, serial number, text, images or any other details including 2D codes, that retain traceability on several items, including batteries, ECUs, and safety equipment. This includes marking all automotive components for any section of the vehicle, including 2D code marking on the stator, 2D code marking on the rotator, battery trays and EV drive units, Batteries (Electrodes and Insulation), DC-DC Converters, Inverters, ECUs, Sonar Sensors, Milliwave Radars, In-vehicle Cameras, In-vehicle mirrors, coil film ablation and much more.



Precise cutting of Life Saving Airbags to ensure safety at its best




And not just this, the airbags can be precisely cut utilizing the automation system and are one of the safest pieces of equipment for the vehicle industry. SLTL Group has indigenously developed India’s first composite material- An airbag cutting laser machine with automation and smart features for effective operations. This guarantees the highest quality and most efficient outcomes while delivering consistent outcomes across the application.



A multi-functional testing environment for testing and shielding of automotive for enhanced safety


In the RF Division, the technocrats build anechoic, semi-anechoic chambers to establish a multi-functional test environment for commercial, military, R&D, and automotive testing. Aside from lasers for the automotive sector, this is one of our significant developments. To name a few, EMI suppressor sheet, glossy Foam based absorber, EMI shielded Rubber Gasket, Combination Shielding Products (combination of a microwave absorber with board-level shielding), Board-Level Shielded enclosure /CAN, Conductive Paint, EMI absorbing Paint, Resonating Rubber absorber, Broad band microwave PU foam base thin absorber are a few elements developed by SLTL.

To conclude, we can state that Laser technology is therefore vital in making the automotive industry more sustainable. It is helping to create cleaner, more efficient safe and sturdy vehicles while simultaneously ensuring the betterment of the environment.

With our expertise and your requirements; let’s come together to make smarter, more efficient, and sustainable systems that can do more with less.