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Creators of the Future – Engineers Day. Creators of the Future – Engineers Day

14th Sep 2018
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Take a look around you, what do you see? Everything that we use, see and think in our daily life is a creation of an engineer.

On this day of engineers, let’s understand how engineers shape our world

Look around, what do you see? Everything we use, see and think in our daily life is an engineer’s creation. Engineers are an integral part of our lives. From the clothes we wear to the systems of transportation to the medium we read this through. A key aspect of technology is to make our lives comfortable.

Mankind has come a long way from “early man” to modern man. Since the well-known invention of fire and the wheel, which allowed rockets to reach Mars, technology has provided endless power to drive development forward. Governments around the world celebrate Engineer Day to recognize engineering’s incredible support for growth.

Engineers Day

In India the engineering community celebrates each Year on September 15 Engineering Day. The date meaning is a tribute to one of the greatest Indian engineers and Bharat Ratna laureate Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (commonly known as Sir MV). He was knighted as a Knight Commander of the British Indian Empire (KCIE) for his valuable contributions to water management systems for the greater good.

As defined by the Engineering and Technology Accreditation Board, engineering is “the profession in which knowledge of mathematics and science, acquired through study, experience and practice, is applied with judgment to devise ways of putting the materials and forces to economic use.” Nature to good of mankind.”

Technology has worked wonders in our everyday lives: mobile for instant connectivity, transportation for mobility, and infrastructure for productivity. Engineers scratch their hands, work long hours at a time, fitting different blocks together to find a solution to a problem. You see the world differently and are constantly striving to know and change the world.

Technology tends to create something imaginary and impossible. Albert Einstein famously quoted: “Scientists study what already is; Engineers create something that has never existed before.”

Complex engineering is used in industry to build products that meet market demands and delight businesses. Technology is always used to generate profits, build a trusted brand and deliver out-of-the-box solutions.

SLTL Group is an industry leader thanks to remarkable technology developed by award-winning engineers. We take this day to thank the engineers for their creativity, hard work and dedication in creating products loved by industries around the world.

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Alex is Marketing Manager at SLTL Group with more than 10 years of experience in fiber laser cutting and welding machine development, robot programming expert and robotic laser cutting and welding machine development.